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Kaleidolines is a type of picture in which lines are joined to create a unique work of art.  One line and one shape can be combined in many different ways, and by skillfully using colours and spaces, you can expand your range of expression even further. Great for greeting cards or decorative art. ZIG Kaleidolines Starter Set contains everything you need to begin.

Set includes:

  • 2 x Black ZIG Mangaka Pens with widths of 01 and 05.
  • 2 x Black ZIG Cartoonist flexible brush pens in a medium and fine nib.
  • 8 x Assorted colours of ZIG Clean Color Brush Pens – Light Carmine, Pale Pink, Light Blue, Pale Green, Yellow, Bright Yellow, Gray Brown, Cool Gray
  • 2 x Printed design sheets of 100 x 148mm size.
  • 2 x Plain sheets.


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