Storage Solutions: Mont Marte Pastel Box

We have slowly been introducing you to various pencils, pastels and pens.  But if you have the nasty stationary addiction I have, then storage becomes a bit of an issue.  Especially if you by now have 12 sets of coloured pencils or a whole array of pastels (or, as in my case – both!).

Pastel box drawers
Pastel box open drawers

Voila!  I introduce to you the Mont Marte Artists Pastel Box – an easy and lightweight drawer system to store your art supplies.  The box is very stylish with light-coloured wood finish and easy-to-grip gold knobs.  With three drawers measuring 40cm x 25.5cm, they easily fit pencils, pens or pastels.  The two top drawers have separate compartments already divided, while the bottom drawer is slightly deeper and without divisions to store bulkier items like paints and brushes.  The unit is only 10cm high, but really impressed me with the amount of space provided.

I layered mine with some kitchen towel to store my pastels to allow easy cleaning, but with pencils that will not be a problem.  I have coined the phrase ‘Fear-of-running-out’ (FORO) for my tendency to buy extras of everything – from erasers to pencils.  These extras will fit nicely into my little drawers, and it will also be handy to store my most-often-used items on my desk.

Look out for more storage tips and solutions to accommodate and confine your stationary addiction!

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