PanPastel: Minimum Pans to Maximum Results


By Anschen Friedrichs With the large variety of gorgeous PanPastel pans available, it could seem a bit overwhelming, and pricy, when one just wants to try out a few out […]

PanPastel: Where to begin?


By Anschen Friedrichs.   Contrary to what one may think, you really don’t need a lot to embark on the PanPastel adventure.  As a start, a Black PanPastel pan and […]

50 Shapes of Pastel: Pastel Surfaces (Part 2)

No medium is complete without the correct surface, however – and none more so than pastel. Apply pastel to the wrong paper and even the slightest touch will smear the delicate pigment everywhere. I do believe that this is the reason so many people consider pastels to be messy. Marry your purely pigmented little friend to the correct surface though, and magic happens!

Popular Pastelmat Paper and Van Gogh Soft Pastels Tested

Just when you thought you have tried out all types of pastel paper, along comes a new one that promises to be better. I have heard much about Clairefontaine’s Pastelmat paper, but I was a little sceptical. After all good pastel paper is plentiful. Would Pastelmat offer something different? Keep reading to find out plus check out the video review below.

Get the Most out of Your Pastels with Canson Mi-Teintes Paper (Pastel Pads and Touch Pads)

Pastels are a wonderful medium to work with. You only need to look at Degas’s sublime use of pastels in his ballerina paintings. You can work them delicately or with boldness and the colour is always powerful. The pure pigment in artist’s quality pastels is a pleasure to behold. It is a pity then to use poor quality paper on which to paint. I have tried many papers over the years of varying quality. Recently I tried out two pastel pads from Canson. Their Mi-Teintes pastel paper pads and Touch pads.

Caran D’Ache – Pastel Pencil Luxury

We all have our Achilles heel and I’ll admit that art supplies are mine. It’s therefore quite fair to admit that I probably didn’t need the Caran D’Ache Pastel Pencil set I bought. Well, that is until I had used them. It is now quite fair to admit that I pretty much cannot do without them!

First Impressions: The PanPastel Colors Experience

Pastels have been around for a long time.  You only have to see Renoir’s sublime works in pastel to appreciate this medium.  Characterized by pure pigment, intense colours and a variety of applications pastels have a lot to offer.  But pastel sticks have issues too.  Soft pastels snap easily.  A lot of pastel is wasted in excessive crumbling.  Pastel dust is annoying.  Sticks get dirty easily and must be carefully stored in foam boxes.  Enter PanPastel Colors.

Spray it Again Sam – with Krylon’s Range of Fine Art Sprays


I must confess that I am old school when it comes to any form of spray paint.  Sorry Banksy, but that graffiti thing does not work for me.  Give me tubes of paint, brushes and a painting knife and throw away the key.  I am happier that way.  But I have been converted.  At least in part when it comes to saving time and efficiency. After getting my hands on a range of Krylon sprays I have found a few new materials for my studio.

Storage Solutions: Mont Marte Pastel Box

We have slowly been introducing you to various pencils, pastels and pens.  But if you have the nasty stationary addiction I have, then storage becomes a bit of an issue.  Especially if you by now have 12 sets of coloured pencils or a whole array of pastels (or, as in my case – both!).