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Nitram Charcoal Baton Set 2.0

Drawing is the backbone of all art. Michelangelo practised drawing one hour a day and Claude Monet began by dedicating two years to drawing with charcoal. Drawing with charcoal is preferred because the techniques used are very close to that of painting. The Nitram Baton set is a unique charcoal drawing device created to allow you the best of both worlds. Designed to hold the new Nitram Mignonette,  a thin 4mm charcoal stick, the Nitram Bâton provides a remarkable new way to draw. It is lightweight and easy to use, giving a light and comfortable feel in your hand, yet holding the charcoal securely in the device. A great product made from plastic, using the Baton with charcoal means you can work cleanly and quickly.

Each Baton comes with five (5) Mignonettes ~ soft charcoal sticks specially made for Nitram Baton.

How to use: Remove the end cap and insert the charcoal or graphite stick from the back of the holder. When the desired amount is exposed, slide the ring to tighten the stick into place. Sharpen to your own preference. (Step-by-step tutorial is available on the back of the blister pack).


Mignonette Refill Sticks

Extra Soft.
Each package contains seven (7) 4mm Mignonettes.
Specifically designed to fit the Nitram Baton 2.0


Graphite Refill Sticks

These superior quality, 3B hardness graphite sticks are perfect for ecpressive gestural strokes!

Each package contains five (5) square graphite sticks.

Specifically designed to fit the Nitram Baton 2.0




View our extensive Nitram range of products including Charcoal sticks, Charcoal sets and refills, Charcoal powder, Liquid charcoal and other accessories. 

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