Calligraphy Collector’s Set – Speedball

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The Speedball Collector’s Set is the perfect addition to any artist’s collection. Included in this beautiful dark-wood box, is a variety of Speedball’s most popular items. These quality calligraphy tools allow artists the creation of stunning hand-lettered pieces. The Speedball Textbook is a useful instruction guide to assist those who want to learn different styles of calligraphy.

This set features:

  • 1 Classic Pen Nib Holder
  • 1 Oblique Pen Nib Holder
  • 1 Crow Quill Pen Holder
  • 4 Broad-Edge Pen Nibs (C2, C3, A5, B6)
  • 4 Flexible Pen Point Nibs (No. 512, No. 513EF, No. 102 Crow Quill, No.56)
  • 3 x 12 ml Jars of Super-Pigmented Ink in Red, Black, and Blue
  • 1 x 12 ml Jar of Pen Cleaner
  • The Speedball Textbook


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First published over a century ago, the Speedball Textbook is an invaluable resource for calligraphy beginners and experts alike, with detailed explanations of tools and techniques, step-by-step guides to writing dozens of alphabet styles, and a wealth of additional tips, guides, and inspirational examples






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