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Derwent Lightfast pencils are oil-based, smooth and creamy with a beautiful laydown of rich colour. They are easy to blend and layer, and can also be mixed with other mediums to create new colours or to create a painterly effect when dissolved. Being oil-based, they are compatible with oil mediums. The innovative thick core gives a dense colour application, which brings vibrancy to any drawing. Derwent Lightfast pencils are not water-soluble, so cannot be mixed with water. As an oil-based pencil, they can be mixed and thinned on the page with a solvent-based medium, just as with oil paints. All the colours in the Lightfast range are vegan-friendly. Formulated to be 100% lightfast, so the colours won’t fade for up to 100 years under museum conditions. The smooth oil base of the core creates a rich vibrancy and can be mixed on the page to create paint-like effects.

Great for fine, detailed line work, these colours can also be used for bolder outlines or shadow work.  Your colour range can be expanded by tinting and mixing colours directly on the paper surface, thus creating a more natural look to your work. Experience how pigments completely integrate to form a new and vibrant colour!

For optimum performance of the pencils, note the following guidelines:

  •         Use high-quality pH neutral heavyweight paper
  •         Create strong, even layers and avoid damaging the surface
  •         Avoid direct sunlight when exhibiting your work
  •         Consider mounting your work behind glass
  •         Lightfastness might be compromised if mixed with other media
  •         Pencils have a wide 4 mm core and an 8mm round barrel
  •         Handheld blade sharpeners work well with Lightfast, providing the blade is sharp.


Currently, we have 72 colours available in stock, the other 28 colours are on our coming soon list.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Lightfastness rating (LF) = 3,4 – FAIR, MODERATE | 5,6 – GOOD, VERY GOOD | 7,8 – EXCELLENT. V – Vegan-friendly.
Derwent uses the Blue Wool test (ISO 105) to evaluate lightfastness. Lightfastness refers to the chemical stability of a pigment under long exposure to light. A scale of 1-8 is obtained, with values of 6 or higher being considered to be highly lightfast and, under museum conditions, will not fade for 100+ years.


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Vegan-friendly product.

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The vivid colours are specially formulated to combat the effects of UVA radiation, 100% lightfast and guaranteed to last 100 years under museum conditions, it complies with both the ASTM D-6901 and Blue Wool Scale ISO 105. Strict testing for international lightfast standards is done in Arizona, US.

A note about lightfastness, this does not equate permanence, as other factors can affect the permanence of work such as humidity, temperature, atmospheric pollution, the reaction between chemicals and pigments, the paper being used, etc.

Being ideal for works on permanent display, it is perfect for professional artists as well as hobbyists who exhibit their work. Colour names and numbers are embossed in blue on each pencil for easy identification. The Easy-to-grip round barrels feel nicely in your hand and will fit standard pencil sharpeners. 


Derwent Lightfast Colours

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2 reviews for Lightfast Oil-Based Coloured Pencils – Derwent

  1. LeannaEls

    I completely fell in love with these pencils and the best news is that the 72 set will be released soon. The lightfast goes on so creamy you almost get the idea that it could be a crayon but in pencil form. They cover the area very quickly and with little preasure you have this dark rich colors. I think these pencils will work well for people that hands get tired soon and you need min. preassure and the pigment is there. They hold their point well and I haven’t had any breakage so far. The lightfast obviously plays in the artist favour with keeping that pigment for a 100 years under museum conditions. A realy great pencil that I can definately recommend.

  2. RJ

    I haven’t had the time to test the lightfastness of these pencils, but if the manufacturer says it’s serious about lightfastness it’s usually better than nothing. (Always do your own lightfastness tests! Manufacturers, no matter how good, always lie a little!) The feeling of these pencils are really such that it reminds me more of a normal wax crayon. If Faber-Castell was the “ideal” colour pencil (which is not at all like a crayon) and Prismacolor was the lovely soft powdery form of this, then these pencils definitely are in another category. If you dislike crayons, look elsewhere. If you like even coverage, opaqueness, and a relatively strong point – go for these.

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