Mars Lumograph Pure Graphite Tin Sets – Staedtler


Metal tin containing 6 woodless graphite pencils in assorted degrees.

German-made high-quality full graphite pencils particularly suitable for writing, drawing, sketching and hatching as well as for professional graphic and artistic applications on paper and matt drawing film. The large lead is ideal for intense strokes and expressive high-contrast drawings.

  • The special lead formulation for results with a metallic lustre in a wide variety of grey tones, same quality as for our bestseller Mars Lumograph 100.
  • Pencil diameter: approx. 6.8 mm, hexagonal shape.
  • The varnished barrel keep hands clean.
  • HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B and 10B.
  • Available in single pencils and sets.


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