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Cretacolor Artists’ Caramel Eraser

Dual-purpose eraser and cleaner for dry media. Designed to crumble while removing unwanted marks keeping the paper surface unscarred. As it crumbles, it creates a fine dry powder that cleans the surface by absorbing graphite, charcoal or any dry media dirt.

Cretacolor Kneadable Eraser

A kneaded eraser is essential for lightening or correcting graphite, charcoal or chalk. Can be shaped by hand for precision erasing, creating highlights, or creating fine details.  Picking pigment off the paper, it can be re-kneaded to absorb the charcoal or graphite, but it is not suitable for erasing large areas. This Kneaded Eraser by Cretacolor is the perfect drawing tool for removing charcoal, pencil, lead, pastels and more without leaving a mark. Knead the eraser into any shape to cleanly remove unwanted marks, or use it to lift or lighten the colour.

The eraser can be stretched and kneaded until the colour turns light grey, but eventually, it will become saturated with graphite or charcoal, then it is time to replace the eraser.

Cretacolor Battery-Operated Eraser

The Cretacolor battery-operated eraser guarantees precise and fast erasing and is economical and easy to use. Refine marks and amend small areas in drawings with this easy-to-use eraser. The rubber allows for precise, quick erasion of graphite pencils without smudging. White rubber for gentle, precise erasion; grey rubber for erasion on resistant base materials. Can also be used to erase film and polish objects and remove dirt from them. The long-lasting erasers are easy to replace.

Batteries are required for operation (not included).

  • Blue battery operated with 10 replacement erasers included – 7 white (soft) and 3 greys (hard).
  • 4 Rubber tubes with different inside diameters for mounting special tools for engraving or polishing (tools not available at ASC)
  • The eraser offers precision in erasing graphite and coloured pencil.
  • When the eraser is switched on the spinning action of the eraser lifts the pigment from the paper surface.
  • This makes it ideal for correcting mistakes or re-working very small areas.
  • The precise control offered by the eraser makes it suitable for highlighting.
  • The eraser shape can be changed by working it on a spare piece of paper.
  • A flat tip will give you a nice sharp edge which will erase a thin line.
  • A round tip will allow you to erase a small dot.
  • This eraser is designed as a drawing tool, for relining marks and amending small areas of your work.
  • The eraser is operated by pushing down the button located on the top.
  • It is perfect for left or right-handed people and very comfortable to use.
  • It takes 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included).
  • Refill packs are available. Set of 10 Erasers.


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