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Speedball Mona Lisa Gold Leaf products include Gold Leaf Kit, Gold Leaf Adhesive, Gold leaf Adhesive Pen and Gold Leaf Water-based Sealant.


Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit 

  • A comprehensive set with all the essential items to get going with your leafing projects
  • Set features the following high-quality Speedball leafing products:
    • 25 sheets of composition gold leaf separated by pages of clear tissue paper
    • Composition Gold Leaf is 85% copper and 15% zinc, it is an alloy and must be sealed to prevent oxidizing from air exposure
    • A 60ml bottle of Mona Lisa brush-on adhesive
    • A 60ml bottle of Mona Lisa water-based sealer
    • A metal leaf instruction guide


Mona Lisa Gold Leafing Adhesive

  • Ideal for use for a range of metal leaf, home décor, and arts & crafts projects, Mona Lisa Brush-On Adhesive is water-based and cleans up easily with soap and water.
  • Metal Leaf adhesive size is an outstanding product that can not only be used for Composition Gold Leaf, but with other materials such as sand and glitter. Becomes tacky after 15 to 60 minutes depending on weather conditions. It is water-based and slow drying to a clear finish and will stay tacky for up to 48 hours after application.


Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Adhesive Pen

  • Speedball’s Mona Lisa Gold Leafing is perfect for sprucing up artwork or home decor with a rich and lustrous look of 24 karat gold, silver and other precious metals! Turn any item around the house into its work of art. Apply to artwork and paintings themselves for an extra level of texture and shine that will bring any work of art to life. Easy to use and apply, this line of Gold Leafing supplies also makes a great gift item. Ideal for metal leafing, glitter, embossing powders and more this adhesive pen works well for fine detail, signatures, calligraphy, lace design and ornaments
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Colour: Clear


Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Water-Based Sealer

  • Specially formulated for protecting metal leaf from tarnishing
  • This sealer can be used for many home decor projects and can be cleaned up with soap and water
  • Water‑based sealer specifically formulated for protecting metal leaf from tarnishing.
  • 59ml Bottle


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A gold leafing kit for anyone getting started with a gold-leaf project

Speedball’s Mona Lisa Gold Leafing is perfect for reviving old or tired artwork and home decor. With a rich and lustrous look of 24 karat gold, any item around the house can be turned into a work of art. Gold leaf can bring an extra level of texture and shine to any work of art.  So easy to use and apply, this Gold Leafing kit will also make a great gift item. All the essential supplies are provided to start a gold-leafing project. Surfaces made of wood, other metal, frames, glass, plastic, furniture and more, can be covered with gold leaf.

Metal leafing is a time-honoured craft that is truly a part of humanity’s artistic heritage and the process of leafing requires care and attention. With the Mona Lisa metal leafing techniques and products available, leafing can be a beautiful and truly unique artistic style used to embellish, restore and create.

For best results, wear cotton gloves when handling the leaf, or even a small amount of talcum powder on the hands. Refrain from over-handling as the oils on the skin may affect the gold leaf.


Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Kit, Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Adhesive, Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Adhesive Pen, Mona Lisa Gold Leaf Sealer


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