Watercolour – Dot Card – Van Gogh


The Van Gogh Watercolour Dot chart is a great way to test all the colours in the range and discover the properties of this excellent watercolour paint.

The Van Gogh Watercolour paint is brilliant paint with a high tinting strength. Van Gogh watercolours are a student and artist level range of paints featuring brilliant, transparent, and intense colours with high tinting strength. Most colours are rated with the highest degree of lightfastness +++ (100+ years under museum conditions) with a few colours rated just one step below at ++ (25-100 years under museum conditions). Thanks to the purity and uniform viscosity, these watercolours are easy to work with and easy to mix. Proudly produced in Holland with stringent quality control for a consistent experience.

If you do watercolour you KNOW that the digital or printed colour cards don’t quite do justice to the subtleties that are the hallmarks of a watercolour paint. The soft shifts between mass- and undertone…the transparency … the staining power and even the granulation of certain pigments can only be seen properly by painting with the product. Even the same pigment from different manufacturers often differ slightly. We LOVE dot cards as it gives you the opportunity to paint out the actual colour and make the best possible choices for your palette.


Available in 10ml tubes, half pans and sets:

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