Jess Meyer – Watercolour Heart

Jess is the illustrator and designer behind Watercolour heart and, “Making every moment a celebration of life and creativity”, is a tagline she aims to live by. Jess lives for special moments and creating, as a result, her business is the product of both passions.

Lizelle Esterhuizen Art

Lizelle Marie Esterhuizen is a realist artist specialising in figurative paintings, children and facial portraits done in oils.

Over the years her art has evolved into the striking figurative work she creates today. Her vibrant colour pallet creates evocative images that possess an elegant, sensual and timeless sensibility.

Ina van Schalkwyk Artist

Ina van Schalkwyk was born in Vereeniging in 1945 and moved to Pretoria in her teens. There she grew up in a loving and supportive home, which laid the foundation for the extremely creative, passionate and ambitious artist she is today.

Binita’s Art School

Learn to see, draw and paint at Binita’s Art School. Every class promises a new lesson ensuring the substantial development of skills. Each student is attended to individually and work at their own pace. Binita encourages creative expression of the artist’s unique style and welcomes students of any age and level of skill.

Lillian Gray Fine Artist & Art School

The Lillian Gray Art School teaches the fundamentals of art, in a manner that is easy to understand, no matter your age or level of artistic expertise.

As an artist, Lillian is renowned for her contemporary portraiture and anatomy studies, executed in contrasting colours.