Is Maimeri Classico the Best Value Student Oil Paint? Find Out Here

Oil painters are spoilt for choice at Artsavingsclub. The range of student oil paints is growing and the quality of the paints are improving too. No doubt it is a highly competitive market as paint manufacturers try to get their share of the painting enthusiast’s budget. Recently Artsavingsclub added Maimeri’s Classico range of oil paints to their lineup. The choice of best value student oil paint may have become easier to make.

Painting with Bob Ross – Become a Painting Master

If you are reading this you probably know him already. The artist with the soothing voice and impressive afro hairstyle that paints happy landscapes. The world’s most recognised artist on television. Loved by millions of fans for his engaging painting lessons. Yes, Bob Ross is the legend who continues to inspire artists the world over with his series The Joy of Painting. Now South African fans can paint along with Bob Ross using his official painting materials.

A chat with Contemporary Portrait Artist Chaz Williams

I find other artists and their stories very insightful and inspiring and I was therefore very excited when contemporary portrait artist Chaz Williams agreed to answer a few questions.  I think his predominantly oil portraiture work is fascinating and have been following him on Instagram for quite a while.  The arty Capetonian started taking his art a little more seriously when a ‘little Mandela sketch’ he did, ended up selling for more than expected after a local portrait competition.  He is very involved with charity and regularly auctions off artwork in favour of various charities.

Spray it Again Sam – with Krylon’s Range of Fine Art Sprays


I must confess that I am old school when it comes to any form of spray paint.  Sorry Banksy, but that graffiti thing does not work for me.  Give me tubes of paint, brushes and a painting knife and throw away the key.  I am happier that way.  But I have been converted.  At least in part when it comes to saving time and efficiency. After getting my hands on a range of Krylon sprays I have found a few new materials for my studio.

Rembrandt Artist’s Paint: First Impressions of a Premium Oil Paint

We are so fortunate.  Imagine back in the day when Rembrandt Van Rijn and other artists needed new paints for their work.  No convenient art store like Artsavingsclub where you could order the world’s finest oil paints.  No, you needed to be an apothecary to create paint by hand and storing the paint was a nuisance too.  I admit feeling a twinge of guilt when I opened a new box of Rembrandt oil paints recently.  But mostly I felt excited to try out these famous paints made by Royal Talens.