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Golden Retarder is an additive used to increase the open (drying) time of acrylic paints. Useful for wet in wet techniques and reducing skinning on the palette. Neither Retarder nor OPEN thinner contains binding agents. To ensure adhesion, it is recommended that the addition of Retarder not exceed 15% (1:6) when mixed with colours or mediums.


Golden OPEN Thinner is a water-based additive designed to thin the consistency of OPEN Acrylics without altering open time, as well as maintain and adjust the workability of colors on the palette. OPEN Thinner can also function as a thin-bodied retarder when used with GOLDEN Heavy Body or Fluid Acrylics. OPEN Thinner contains no binders, does not form a film, and should never be used alone.


GOLDEN Wetting Aid is an ideal additive for reducing the surface tension of acrylic paint mixtures that have been highly diluted with water. In turn, this allows the “color wash” to readily spread and absorb into raw canvas and other absorbent surfaces. Wetting Aid is a concentrated surfactant. A surfactant is a liquid, “surface-active” acrylic paint ingredient that reduces the surface tension of a waterborne product such acrylic paint, thus improving wetting and increasing the flow of acrylic waterborne paints.  Most acrylic paints, mediums and other products contain low levels of surfactants, but as water is added into the paints, the need to add additional surfactant increases.


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Acrylic Additives

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