Fluid Acrylics – Golden


Equal to the intensity of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics but with an even, flowing characteristic useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring, spraying (particularly when mixed with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium), staining techniques and many others.

Fluids are created by loading an acrylic polymer binder with concentrated levels of quality pigments for a wide selection of permanent and lightfast colours. No fillers or extenders are added to achieve the desired consistency, nor is the fluid quality achieved with additional water. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics have the same pigment load as the Heavy Body Acrylics but in a viscosity similar to heavy cream. Fluids allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining colour intensity, tinting strength, film integrity and adhesion.

Fluids blend easily with all acrylic colours and readily tint gels, mediums, gessoes and grounds. Fluid Acrylics are extremely versatile and ideal for fine brushwork, glazing, staining, water media techniques and many more. Mix Fluid Acrylics with Airbrush Medium for airbrush application of artwork including textiles.


Available colours:

  • 30ml Bottles – 85 Colours


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Vegan-friendly product as per Golden Artist Colors, Inc. except for:
Bone Black, Jenkins Green & Prussian Blue Hue.

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ImageGolden Fluid ColoursTube / Bottle SizePriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Primary-Yellow-2422Primary Yellow (2422) - S230ml BottleR139.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Benzimidazolone-Yellow-Light-2009Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (2009) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Hansa-Yellow-MediumHansa Yellow Medium (2190) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Benzimidazolone-Yellow-Medium-2008Benzimidazolone Yellow Medium (2008) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Hansa-Yellow-Opaque-2191Hansa Yellow Opaque (2191) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cadmium-Yellow-Medium-Hue-2428Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue (2428) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Indian-Yellow-Hue-2436Indian Yellow Hue (2436) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Burnt-Orange-2280Quinacridone Burnt Orange (2280) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Diarylide-Yellow-2147Diarylide Yellow (2147) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Nickel-Azo-Gold-2301Quinacridone / Nickel Azo Gold (2301) - S630ml BottleR185.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Vat-Orange-2403Vat Orange (2403) - S830ml BottleR215.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Pyrrole-Orange-2276Pyrrole Orange (2276) - S830ml BottleR215.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Pyrrole-Red-Light-2279Pyrrole Red Light (2279) - S830ml BottleR215.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Naphthol-Red-Light-2210Naphthol Red Light (2210) - S530ml BottleR165.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Pyrrole-Red-2277Pyrrole Red (2277) - S830ml BottleR215.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cadmium-Red-Medium-Hue-2425Cadmium Red Medium Hue (2425) - S430ml BottleR155.006 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Primary-Magenta-2421Primary Magenta (2421) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Naphthol-Red-Medium-2220Naphthol Red Medium (2220) - S530ml BottleR165.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Red-2310Quinacridone Red (2310) - S730ml BottleR205.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Alizarin-Crimson-Hue-2435Alizarin Crimson Hue (2435) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Crimson-2290Quinacridone Crimson (2290) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Magenta-2305Quinacridone Magenta (2305) - S730ml BottleR205.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Quinacridone-Violet-2330Quinacridone Violet (2330) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Permanent-Violet-Dark-2253Permanent Violet Dark (2253) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Ultramarine-Violet-2401Ultramarine Violet (2401) - S430ml BottleR155.006 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Dioxazine-Purple-2150Dioxazine Purple (2150) - S630ml BottleR185.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Ultramarine-Blue-2400Ultramarine Blue (2400) - S230ml BottleR139.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cobalt-Blue-2140Cobalt Blue (2140) - S830ml BottleR215.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cerulean-Blue,-Chromium-2050Cerulean Blue (Chromium) (2050) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Anthraquinone-Blue-2005Anthraquinone Blue (2005) - S730ml BottleR205.006 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Prussian-Blue-Hue-2439Prussian Blue Hue (2439) - S430ml BottleR155.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Phthalo-Blue-(Red-Shade)-2260Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) (2260) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Phthalo-Blue-(Green-Shade)-2255Phthalo Blue (Green Shade) (2255) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Primary-Cyan-2420Primary Cyan (2420) - S230ml BottleR139.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cerulean-Blue-Deep-2051Cerulean Blue Deep (2051) - S930ml BottleR235.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Manganese-Blue-Hue-2437Manganese Blue Hue (2437) - S130ml BottleR135.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Turquoise-(Phthalo)-2390Turquois (Phthalo) (2390) - S430ml BottleR155.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Cobalt-Turquoise-2144Cobalt Turquois (2144) - S830ml BottleR215.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Teal-2369Teal (2369) - S330ml BottleR149.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Phthalo-Green-(Blue-Shade)-2270Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) (2270) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Viridian-Green-Hue-2443Viridian Green Hue (2443) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Phthalo-Green-(Yellow-Shade)-2275Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) (2275) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Permanent-Green-Light-2250Permanent Green Light (2250) - S430ml BottleR155.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Jenkins-Green-2195Jenkins Green (2195) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Sap-Green-Hue-2440Sap Green Hue (2440) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Chromium-Oxide-Green-2060Chromium Oxide Green (2060) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Green-Gold-2170Green Gold (2170) - S730ml BottleR205.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Titan-Green-Pale-2371Titan Green Pale (2371) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Titan-Buff-2370Titan Buff (2370) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Naples-Yellow-Hue-2438Naples Yellow Hue (2438) - S230ml BottleR139.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Yellow-Ochre-2407Yellow Ochre (2407) - S130ml BottleR135.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Yellow-Oxide-2410Yellow Oxide (2410) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Transparent-Yellow-Iron-Oxide-2386Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (2386) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Raw-Sienna-2340Raw Sienna (2340) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Transparent-Red-Iron-Oxide-2385Transparent Red Iron Oxide (2385) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Red-Oxide-2360Red Oxide (2360) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Violet-Oxide-2405Violet Oxide (2405) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Burnt-Sienna-2020Burnt Sienna (2020) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Nickel-Azo-Yellow-2225Nickel Azo Yellow (2225) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Burnt-Umber-Light-2035Burnt Umber Light (2035) - S130ml BottleR135.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Raw-Umber-2350Raw Umber (2350) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-VanDyke-Brown-Hue-2442Van Dyke Brown Hue (2442) - S330ml BottleR149.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Carbon-Black-2040Carbon Black (2040) - S130ml BottleR135.002 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Bone-Black-2010Bone Black (2010) - S130ml BottleR135.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Paynes-Gray-2240Paynes Gray (2240) - S230ml BottleR139.001 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Zinc-White-2415Zinc White (2415) - S130ml BottleR135.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Titanium-White-2380Titanium White (2380) - S130ml BottleR135.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Golden-Acrylics-Iridescent-Bronze-(Fine)Iridescent Bronze (Fine) (2450) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Copper-(Fine)Iridescent Copper (Fine) (2451) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Copper-Light-(Fine)Iridescent Copper Light (Fine) (2452) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Gold-(Fine)Iridescent Gold (Fine) (2453) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Bright-Gold-(Fine)Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) (2454) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Gold-Deep-(Fine)Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine) (2455) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Pearl-(Fine)-2456Iridescent Pearl (Fine) (2456) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Silver-(Fine)Iridescent Silver (Fine) (2457) - S530ml BottleR165.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Iridescent-Stainless-Steel-(Coarse)Iridescent Stainless Steel (Coarse) (2458) - S530ml BottleR165.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Micaceous-Iron-OxideMicaceous Iron Oxide (2460) - S430ml BottleR155.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Blue-(Fine)Interference Blue (Fine) (2465) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Green-(Fine)Interference Green (Fine) (2466) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Gold-(Fine)Interference Gold (Fine) (2467) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Red-(Fine)Interference Red (Fine) (2469) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Violet-(Fine)Interference Violet (Fine) (2470) - S730ml BottleR205.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Green-BlueC.T. Interference Green-Blue (2484) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid--Interference-Green-OrangeC.T. Interference Green-Orange (2485) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.
Golden-Acrylics-Fluid-Interference-Violet-GreenC.T. Interference Violet-Green (2486) - S630ml BottleR185.003 in Stock.

GOLDEN Artist Colors started creating Fluid Colors on a custom basis for artists requesting a low viscosity, pigment-saturated paint. Some of these artists wanted to pour, puddle and drip their acrylic paints, others wanted to stain with the acrylics using them as alternatives to watercolours, and others wanted to use the paints for spray application. Many artists were already thinning Heavy Body paints with water to achieve these effects. Although simply adding water or medium to the Heavy Body Acrylics sufficed to meet the needs of most artists, some complained that the resulting paint was not strong enough. These artists desired an undiluted acrylic that would provide optimal tinting strength and coverage.

Eventually, the popularity of the Fluid custom formula reached a point where GOLDEN was able to introduce it as a standard line of product. The Fluid Acrylics are formulated similarly to GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics, with the main difference being the viscosity or consistency at which the paints are finished. Hence, the pigment load or colour strength of the Fluid Acrylics is comparable to the Heavy Body Acrylics. In fact, because of the greater levelling of the Fluid Acrylics, some artists believe the Fluids are actually stronger than the Heavy Body colours.

Mixing Fluids with other GOLDEN Products
The Fluid Colors can be mixed with most of our other GOLDEN Mediums, Grounds, Gessoes, Gels and other paint lines including our Heavy Body Acrylics, High Flow Acrylics, High Load Colors, Iridescent Colors, Paste Paints and Matte Acrylics. By blending paint lines of different viscosities, artists can create virtually any paint consistency without sacrificing colour strength. The Heavy Body Acrylics can be thinned very effectively with water, but since the Fluids start at a lower viscosity, less water is needed. Remember: the more water added to the acrylics, the greater the subsequent shrinking of the paint layer. Too much water will reduce the binding capability of all of the acrylic paints and also tends to flatten out their sheen.

When used for applications other than staining and washes, we recommend diluting the Fluids with no more than a 1:1 ratio of Fluid Acrylic to water. When using the Fluids specifically for staining and washes, there is no limit to how much water can be added. Film integrity will automatically result when the substrate absorbs the paint mixture. Washes can also be sealed with an acrylic medium to increase overall film strength.

Brushing Quality
Fluid Acrylics load a brush more evenly than thicker paints, and they also flow consistently off the brush, allowing for longer, more uniform brush strokes. This is one of the key features of the Fluids, resulting from their low viscosity. Artists can lay down thin passages of paint that have high pigment loads; these thin passages would not be possible to achieve by diluting paints with a higher viscosity.

When a heavier stroke is required, Fluids can be blended with any of the GOLDEN Gels. Soft, Regular, Heavy or Extra-Heavy Gels will all thicken the paint to various extents. Because of the thin consistency and potency of the Fluids, they are the easiest of all the paint systems to incorporate into powerful gel mixtures.

Pours & Puddles
The Fluids can be poured and puddled, dripped and dragged onto the canvas to achieve some unique effects. By altering the speed, the distance from the substrate and nozzle size or shape while pouring, one can control the size and shape of the resulting pour or drip. Working with different Fluid colours together, either simultaneously or at different times, can be an interesting technique.

There are a few GOLDEN mediums that work especially well with the Fluids for various pour/drip/puddle effects. Adding small amounts of GAC-800 to the Fluids can reduce the crazing that occurs. Clear Tar Gel mixes with the Fluids for dripping purposes and can yield lines that range from spider-web fine to brushstroke thick.

Thick Film Drying Considerations
When the paint is being applied in relatively thick films, one must remember that all acrylic paints shrink considerably (approximately 25-40%) upon drying. This tendency, coupled with the thin consistency of the Fluids, will yield surface defects called crazes. Crazing is the result of the tremendous force exerted on the surface of the paint film as the film dries and shrinks. It can appear as rips, tears or valleys that run through the surface of the poured paint. Blending Fluids with GOLDEN Soft, Medium, Heavy or Extra Heavy Gels will significantly help to prevent crazing.


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