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Professional artist quality water-soluble fine art graphite pencils with colour accent, rich and soft strokes and strong watercolour highlights in graphite drawings. This is ideal for use on finished drawings to add shadows and depth to graphite art and create the effect of a watercolour wash on the graphite. Techniques: spraying, watercolour highlights in graphite, Mixed media – dry and wet.

Single colours available:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green


Set of 6 Contents:

  • 3 Aqua Graph in red, blue and green
  • 3 Graphite Aquarell Pencils, HB, 4B and 8B


When water-soluble graphite is mixed with water, it is almost like an ink wash. It can be spread over a surface, much like watercolour paint, creating various tones and shades.

  • The Graphite Aquarell Pencil is a water-soluble graphite pencil of professional artist quality.
  • Especially suitable for watercolour techniques in graphite, outlining of watercolour paintings and silk painting & has a water-soluble graphite core.
  • Available in  3 degrees HB, 4B and 8B.
  • Size: round barrel, 3,8 mm lead, 7,2 mm pencil.


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Aqua Graph HB Red, Aqua Graph HB Blue, Aqua Graph HB Green, Graphite Aquarell HB, Graphite Aquarell 4B, Graphite Aquarell 8B, Watercolor Graphite Pocket 6 Tin Set


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