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Calligraphy inks are specifically crafted art materials to support and enhance the traditional art of calligraphy letter writing, however, the strength, fluidity and opacity make it ideal for illustration, mixed media and adding the final touch to paintings, too. The calligraphy ink flows easily, a key requirement of this medium, meaning your movements and delivery can always remain smooth and sweeping

Daler-Rowney Calli Ink is an acrylic-based, pigmented, non-clogging and water-resistant ink specially designed for use in calligraphy. Calli Inks offer optimum flow characteristics from the pen or brush.

Calligraphy inks can be applied to most paper, but to ensure optimum absorption and full-bodied hues, the recommended paper is calligraphy paper, which is thicker than everyday paper and has a parchment-style finish that will intensify the colour of the calligraphy ink.


Colours in set: Blue (011), Brown (012), Burgundy (013), Green (031), Jet Black India (010) & Scarlet (073).

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Meet Fathima Kathrada: Hand Letterer and Illustrator



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