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Derwent Chromaflow soft core colour pencils are highly pigmented for striking vibrancy that stands out on even dark paper. The silky and creamy core can deliver a  smooth, rapid laydown that can handle pressure and resist breakage, making easy work of blending and shading. Suitable for colouring and drawing. The Chromaflow pencil core are different from Coloursoft pencils that has a little “dryer” laydown feel. The Chromaflow pencil sets are made of some of the most beautiful and unique modern colour selections. These pencils also do a really great job of layering as well as holding a fine point for detail when needed.

Because there is no guaranteed lightfastness, we would recommend Derwent Chromaflow pencils for students and artists with a need to create amazing and vibrant without the need of selling.

Product features:

  • Highly pigmented, wax-based soft core.
  • Delivers a rapid, smooth and silky laydown.
  • Smooth texture makes shading, and blending colours easy.
  • When handled with care, the soft core can resist breakage and withstand pressure.
  • 3.5mm core.
  • Available in 72 vibrant colours.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


Vegan-friendly product.

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Additional information

Derwent Chromaflow Colours

Citrus Yellow (0010), Parmesan (0020), Sun Yellow (0100), Sunflower (0110), Amber Gold (0200), Golden Sun (0300), Mango (0310), Flame (0400), Melon (0410), Autumn Blaze (0420), Red Orange (0430), Scarlet (0500), Pure Red (0510), Strawberry (0600), Pompeian Red (0610), Salmon (0700), Blush Pink (0800), Hot Pink (0810), Magenta (0900), Ultra Pink (0910), Orchid (0920), Pink Heather (0930), Lilac (1000), Violet (1100), Midnight Purple (1110), Violet Blue (1120), Iris Purple (1130), Denim (1200), Lapis Blue (1210), Blue Orchid (1220), Periwinkle (1230), Blue (1300), Glacier Blue (1310), Deep Sea (1320), Light Blue (1400), Bondi Blue (1410), Teal (1420), Turquoise Green (1500), Eucalyptus (1510), Pastel Mint (1520), Cactus (1530), Obsidian Green (1540), Basil (1600), Green Meadow (1610), Tropical Rain (1620), Foliage (1700), Grass Green (1800), Pear (1810), Lemon Lime (1820), Pickle (1830), Mocha (1840), Dijon (1850), Brown Sugar (1860), Peach Sand (1870), Burnt Sienna (1900), Spice (1910), Redwood (1920), Raisin (2000), Coffee Bean (2010), Natural Brown (2100), Morning Mist (2110), Pebble (2120), Basalt Grey (2130), Carbon Grey (2140), Red Storm (2150), Lavender Ash (2160), Slate Grey (2170), Platinum (2200), Black (2300), White (2400), Silver (2500), Gold (2600)


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