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Copic offers bespoke systems that allow you to easily apply airbrush effects such as gradients and halftones into layouts and illustrations. The innovative Copic Airbrush System (ABS) allows you to colour on a wide variety of surfaces and textures. The Air Can and Air Adaptor set come complete and are easy to set up; use by simply attaching a Copic Classic or Sketch marker.

Please note, Copic Ciao cannot be used with the ABS.


Available options:

  • Air Can Set.
  • Air Can D60N.
  • Air Adaptor Set.
  • Air Grip.

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This product is for exclusive use with the Copic Air-Brushing System. It is normal for the Air Can to feel cold. If using the can for more than 90 seconds and the spray is inconsistent but it feels like there’s still plenty of air in the can, let the can warm up a bit before continuing.

  • Direct connecting.
  • Air Grip and Air Can D60N .
  • Maximum continuous time of use: 60-90 secs.
  • Maximum time of use: Air Can D60: 7-8 minutes.
  • Keep in mind the maximum time of use may vary according to the colour, environmental conditions or usage.


  • Direct connecting.
  • Air Can weight: 65g.
  • Matches perfectly with the Copic Air Grip product.
  • To prevent spillage of the Liquid-propellant and premature exhaustion, avoid tilting the can beyond a 45-degree angle while in use.


The Air Adaptor set is the more advanced system used in connecting to an air compressor. You will also need the Air Can 180, or Air Can D60, air hose and air compressor to build your Copic Airbrushing system.

  • For use with an air compressor.
  • Air Grip & Air Adaptor.
  • Air pressure must be maintained within 0.3-0.5MPa.
  • To connect Air Grip and the Air Adaptor, use G1/8 (PF1/8) air hose.
  • Compressor and air hose sold separately.


  • For use with the Copic Air Can (180/D60) or Air Adaptor an a compressor.
  • Main Unit Specifications Size: 95×60×38 mm.
  • Weight: 45g

YouTube video

YouTube video


  • The marker must be attached in the correct direction. Copic Classic must be inserted from the “Broad Nib” side.
  • Copic Sketch must be inserted from the “Medium Broad Nib” side.
  • Use in an area with good air circulation.
  • Copic markers are alcohol-based. Keep away from open flame.
  • Air Can are under pressure. Do not puncture.
  • Do not spray on people or animals

How to minimize the mess when using the ABS:

Firstly, when using ABS, do not spray it vertically on the paper, but tilt it slightly and then start spraying the paper. Some colours have coarse particles, so be sure to spray test before applying it to your artwork.

Also, please check the following before using the product:

  • The remaining amount of ink in the installed Copic marker.
  • If you find the colour of ink is lighter than that on the cap, please refill the marker with Copic Ink.
  • The condition of the broad (angled) nib.
  • Check how to attach the marker and if the nib angle is correct.
  • Check if the nib in the marker is suitable for ABS (it should be the broad nib from Copic Classic or Sketch).
  • If the nib is dry and the ink has hardened, or if the nib has deformed, replace the nib.
  • Check if there is still air in the can.
  • If there is no air, replace the can. Also, it is possible that the air can has cooled down due to continuous use and therefore pressure could have dropped. Replace the air can or wait for a while so that the pressure will be restored.

The number 0.3 in the description of the ABS:

0.3 refers to 0.3MPa, which describes pressure ranges. The proper pressure is 0.3MPa-0.5MPa – when choosing a compressor, please choose the one with the biggest value.

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Air Can, Air Can Set, Air Adaptor Set, Air Grip, Air Hose


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