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We all want our dye projects to stand the test of time. Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative is an easy-to-use solution designed to lock in colour, keeping your fabrics looking their best and brightest for the long run. It reduces bleeding, fading and even enhances the colour of your project. Use after dyeing to lock in colour. Or use it immediately after a tie-dye or dip-dye project to prevent dye from bleeding into white areas. It is even effective on commercially dyed fabrics. Whatever your purpose, ColorStay Dye Fixative assures you will get lasting color for the long run.

Commercially dyed items and previously hand-dyed items can also be treated with ColorStay Dye Fixative before laundering for the first time. However, the results may not be as apparent or long-lasting as when used after your own Rit project.

Product features:

  • Fabric colour fixative.
  • Reduces bleeding, fading and enhances colour.
  • Use after dyeing.
  • Perfect for cotton, linen, ramie, rayon, and fabric blends that contain these fabrics.
  • Available in a 236ml bottle.


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Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative reduces bleeding, fading and even enhances the color of your project. It works on cotton, linen, silk, wool, ramie and rayon. For best results, use immediately after dyeing, before rinsing and laundering.


Select your method:

For general projects, use the sink or bucket method.

For maximum effectiveness, use the stovetop method.

If you are working with small items or are looking to apply ColorStay Dye Fixative to a small / partially dyed (i.e. dip dyed) area, then use the spray method.

If you are dyeing large items or are looking for the easiest way to apply ColorStay Dye Fixative, then use the washing machine method.



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  1. For every1/2-kilogram of dry fabric (i.e. two adult large t-shirts), use 120 mL of ColorStay Dye Fixative with 11.5 L of water.
  2. Fill a plastic container or stainless steel sink with hot tap water. Pour well-shaken ColorStay Dye Fixative into container or sink. Mix well.
  3. Wearing rubber gloves, add ColorStay Dye Fixative to bath.
  4. Add fabric to bath. If you are working with fabric that was tie dyed or shibori dyed, place the bound fabric into the bath. Placing unbound fabric into the bath could result in dye bleeding into the white areas. If you are working with fabric that was ombré dyed or dip dyed, Only place the dyed part of the garment into the bath. If you submerge the entire garment, dye could bleed into other areas.
  5. Stir slowly and continuously on and off for 20 minutes. If you dyed the clothing, it is very likely that unbonded dye that is still on the fabric will end up in the bath. That is completely normal and will not alter the results.
  6. Rinse in cool water.
  7. Wash in warm water with a mild detergent, rinse and dry.



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