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Conté à Paris drawing and sketching pencils can be used to create beautiful portraits and landscapes, but are also ideal for rough sketching. These pencils shade easily and their lines are easily blended. Their core is compact, with a diameter of 4 to 5mm, to give wide and rich lines. Create highlights and contrasts, shade and give colour to your drawings.  With a sharpened lead, you achieve an accurate and delicate finish. With a half-worn lead, the finish becomes more opaque as the pressure exerted on the pencil increases. Use the pencils alone or together to create interesting effects and a complex finish.

Product features:

  • Sketching pencils ideal for portraits & landscapes.
  • Shade and blend easily.
  • Available in Sepia, Sanguine and White.
  • Pencil dimensions: 176. x 8.5mm.
  • Lead diameter: 5mm (Sanguine & Sepia); 4mm (White).
  • Sanguine is available in 3 colour grades: Sanguine, Sanguine XVIII, Sanguine Medicis.


The Conté à Paris Sanguine Pencil is a deep rust colour and its lines are easily blended. The Conté à Paris Sanguine XVIII Pencil is a darker brown than the Sanguine Pencil but has the same red oxide. The Conté à Paris Sanguine Medicis Pencil is the darkest of the Sanguine pencils and has a little less red oxide. With a sharpened lead the drawing is accurate and the colour is transparent, if the work is lightly drawn the Sanguine pencils let the texture of the paper show through. With a half-worn lead, the opacity increases with the pressure exerted on the pencil. These pencils are frequently used in portraits and drawing the body.

The colour of the Conté à Paris Sepia Pencil is reminiscent to burnt umber. Paired with the Sanguine pencils, this pencil enables the most contrasted parts of the body to be shaded and emphasises and highlights the value of a face.
Instantly give the natural colour needed for landscapes as well.

The Conté à Paris White Pencil is mainly used with the lead sharpened making the line clear and the colour transparent. It’s an essential complement for all the other pencils as its main function is to add hints and highlights but it can also be used alone on colour- and black paper.


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Conte a Paris was founded by Nicolas Jacques Conte who created the pencil as we know it by mixing graphite with clay and introducing the possibility of different degrees of hardness. Over the decades, the quality and depth of the Conte a Paris range has grown to offer a wide variety of techniques and effects that can be used for drawing, sketching and pastel work.

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