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The Mungyo Professional Water Colour Pan Sets are known for their high-quality watercolour paints that have vivid colour intensity, brilliant & transparent colours with superb lightfastness. What makes them even more attractive is the sturdy and reusable luxurious tins that house the half pan watercolour paints. Now you can purchase these convenient, compact holders seperately! Build your own colour palette or simply use it for storing the colours you need while painting on the go (Already have a 48 set but do not want to take the whole set along when working out of the studio? Transfer 12 colours easily to the smaller tin and pop it into your pocket.).

Product features:

  • Black-coloured exterior and white enamel interior, sturdy and easy to wipe clean.
  • The removable metal tray will hold half pans or full pans.
  • This handy tin has a thumb ring for easy grip and a folding palette panel that can be used to mix colours.
  • Perfect for Plein-air painting,  travelling, or even studio use.
  • Remove the inner metal tray and the magnetic pans can be used to store your watercolour cakes or fill the empty pan with the desired colour.
  • Available in sizes of 12 half pans or 6 Full pans, 24 half pans or 12 full pans, and 48 half pans or 12 full pans.


View our range of Mungyo empty watercolor pans and empty magnetic palette paint pans.

View our range of Mungyo Professional Watercolor half pans and pan sets.


Available Options:


Also available to add to your Mungyo empty tin are the Mungyo Empty pans in Half Pans (16 x 20 x 10mm), full pans (32 x 19 x 9) and magnetic palette paint pans. Use these pans to create a watercolour palette with your watercolour tube paints or as a holder for the paint cakes.

Simply fill the pans with your favourite tube watercolours, let them dry and then rewet them when you’re ready to paint. Use colours straight from the tube or mix up your custom shades.

Additional information

Container Holder Size

12 Empty Slots, 24 Empty Slots, 48 Empty Slots, Metal Case of 12 Half Pans or 6 Full Pans, Metal Case of 24 Half Pans or 12 Full Pans, Metal Case of 48 Half Pans or 24 Full Pans, Empty Metal Case of 12 Half Pans or 6 Full Pans, Empty Metal Case of 24 Half Pans or 12 Full Pans, Empty Metal Case of 48 Half Pans or 24 Full Pans

2 reviews for Empty Watercolour Tin Cases – Mungyo

  1. Bianca Mashiba (verified owner)

    Phenomenal product for people who want to create their own colour palettes and it’s big/small enough to travel with!
    Absolutely love it!

  2. Isabelita van Zyl (verified owner)

    This little tin is compact and easy to use. It takes 12 pans and is perfect for traveling.

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