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Tsukineko’s Fantastix reusable applicators are paint brushes for inks that will add a whole new dimension to your artwork. This empty colouring tool is perfect for wet and dry crafts and is as natural in the hand and as easy to control as a crayon.  Simply soak water-based or solvent-based liquid ink into Fantastix barrel to create your own marker or brush pen! Absorbent fibres allow for precise application of inks and other materials. They work fantastic for All Purpose Ink, Scrapbooking, Stencilling, Paper Crafting, Furniture and Auto Touch-ups!

Product features:

  • Brush-tipped applicator with protective over-cap.
  • Absorbent, reusable (if kept capped) and ideal for shading and colouring.
  • Great for chalking, fabric painting, bleaching, gluing, watercolouring, blending, touch-ups and accents.
  • Use the side of the brush tip for larger areas and the tip for detailed work.
  • Please note: Fantastix tips cannot be sharpened but can be reshaped by cutting the foam fibers. Do not peel the plastic barrel.
  • Use to colour on paper, fabric and other surfaces.


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