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Blender Pen for Coloured Pencil

The Finesse blender pen is made for wax-based coloured pencils, for blending and shading, smoothing and unifying.

  • The Finesse Blender Pen by Speedball is an indispensable tool for colour pencil artists.
  • The pen has a twin tip, one fine and one bold and can be used to blend colour and soften edges.
  • The Finesse Blender contains a colourless alcohol-based solution that is acid-free, fast drying and low odour.
  • It has been designed to work with wax-based pencils and will not bleed through paper.


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The Finesse Colored Pencil Blender is a colourless, solvent-based blender that will unify and soften all types of coloured pencils and is capable of creating amazing watercolour effects. Acid-free, low odour and fast-drying, Finesse Colored Pencil Blender will not bleed through paper and is archival.

Remember to clean the tips after each use by wiping the tip on a clean sheet of paper or paper towel.


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