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KUM French Aqua brushes are manufactured in the classic French tradition of fine Aqua brushes. This brush is intended to create large-scale work and colour transitions, as well as those soft watercolour techniques, offering the artist a wide range of new possibilities. The combination of the Memory Point and the French Aqua gives the artist the whole scope of creative possibilities.

The KUM French Aquarelle brush is made by using a blend of synthetic fibres with varying diameters in a perfect mix, which translates to an extremely high storage capacity. The brush is made of very thin synthetic fibres, offering high elasticity. This extremely high elasticity makes it ideal for soft techniques, which usually do not require perfectly formed shapes. Regardless of this, this brush keeps a good point, with high memory, so the artist can also create fine details. The fine tip has become a synonymous with KUM brushes.

Product features:

  • Made with a blend of synthetic fibres with varying diameters.
  • High elasticity and storage capacity.
  • Maintains good point; fine tip.
  • Ideal for use in larger scaling work and colour transitions as well as soft watercolour techniques.
  • Available in a Round 4, 6, 8, 10 & 12.
  • White pearled handle.


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1 review for French Aqua Brushes – KUM

  1. maracetta (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting to get a decent synthetic ‘mop’ brush for watercolour and here it is. I bought the size 6 and it works great… must save for the large one now 🙂

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