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If you could put liquid silk in a pen, this would be it. Layer tones with this beautiful line maker. Create shadows, detailed designs and more.

A drawing pen with a smart nib that glides smoothly, producing beautifully clean lines. The water-based ink is waterproof, lightfast and tone-rich.

Highly lightfast, opaque, water-soluble, permanent once dry.  Derwent Line Makers are superfine, free-flowing fine liners with a consistent line, ideal for both drawing and writing. Line Makers contain permanent, fast-drying pigment ink, with an intense colour which dries quickly and will not move once dry.


  • Come in sizes 0.05mm – 0.8mm
  • Colours: Black, Graphite & Sepia
  • Free-flowing fine liners – perfect for creating smooth, consistent lines across all nib sizes
  • Permanent formulation – ink dries quickly and will not move once dry. Ideal for adding detail to watercolour work
  • Opaque ink for creating solid lines with speed
  • High-quality Japanese nib which will not damage even under heavy pressure
  • All colours are highly lightfast and will not fade for a long time

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Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,05-Single-PenBlack0.05R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,1-Single-PenBlack0.1R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,2-Single-PenBlack0.2R55.0010 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,3-Single-PenBlack0.3R55.0014 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,5-Single-PenBlack0.5R55.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Black-0,8-Single-PenBlack0.8R55.007 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Sepia-0,1-Single-PenSepia0.1R55.004 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Sepia-0,3-Single-PenSepia0.3R55.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Sepia-0,5-Single-PenSepia0.5R55.0010 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Graphite-0,1-Single-PenGraphite0.1R55.006 in Stock.
Derwent-Line-Maker-Graphite-0,3-Single-PenGraphite0.3R55.004 in Stock.
Graphite0.5R55.005 in Stock.



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