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Generally regarded as one of the world’s best artist quality watercolour brands, Daniel Smith has spent over 18 years developing a complete and comprehensive watercolour range.  These watercolours are ‘formulated to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for the manufacture of artist’s paints’, and every batch made is tested and analysed for its performance qualities – lightfastness, color value, tinting strength, clarity, vibrancy, undertone, particle size, density and viscosity. The range contains many traditional colours but also some unique colours made only by Daniel Smith.

These are “paint-able” dots of pure DANIEL SMITH Watercolors that you can paint to experience the colours in the range and discover the properties of this excellent watercolour paint. These gorgeous test cards vary in colours, but all of them will give a small amount of watercolour paint to see if Daniel Smith’s watercolour paint is for you!

Choose between the 15 to 21 dot charts created with colours chosen by the respective artist or 36 to 266 dot colour samples within the range.

Please note that some colours on the general Daniel Smith Watercolor dot cards may vary from the images shown. ☺️

Available options:

  • 15 Colours – Primatek Palette.
  • 16 Colours – Anders Andersson Palette.
  • 17 Colours – Paul Wang Palette / Alvaro Castagnet Palette.
  • 18 Colours – Pablo Rubén Palette /  Prafull B. Sawant Palette / Stella Canfield Palette / Laurin McCracken Palette / Jean Haines Palette / Thomas Shaller Palette / Caroline Deeble Palette / Giovanni Balzarani Palette / Michael Solovyev Palette / Nicolas Lopez Palette / Colours of Inspiration Palette.
  • 20 Colours – David Taylor Palette / Expand Your Palette.
  • 21 Colours – Joseph Zbukvic Palette.
  • 36 Colours – Confetti- / Mineral Marvel- Mini Dot Card Set.
  • 66 Colours.
  • 266 Colours.


The Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Brochure offers information on the tubes, pans, sticks, walnut ink and masking fluid.  Plus a colour chart with colour information.

Please note: only one brochure per order is allowed.


View our Daniel Smith Watercolor range.


Vegan & Cruelty-Free  –  except for Sepia, Ivory Black, Joseph Z’s Neutral Grey & Payne’s Grey

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Available Options:


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Daniel Smith Dot Cards

Confetti Mini Dot Card Set, Mineral Marvel Mini Dot Card Set, Anders Andersson Palette, Jean Haines Palette, Laurin McCracken Palette, Colours Of Inspiration, Pablo Rubén Palette, Prafull B. Sawant Palette, Stella Canfield Palette, Paul Wang Palette, Primatek Palette, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor, David Taylor Palette, Thomas Schaller Palette, Alvaro Castagnet Palette, Caroline Deeble, Expand Your Palette, Giovanni Balzarani Palette, Michael Solovyev Palette, Nicolas Lopez Palette, Joseph Zbukvic Palette


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  1. Chanel Facculyn-Goushe

    I tried the Daniel Smith watercolors in June for the first time, and I have to say they are absolute heaven! The pigment is very concentrated and a little really does go a long, long, way. In addition they soften up really easily with the application of just a few drops of water and have a really nice consistency. If you haven’t tried these paints, it’s well worth getting a dot card to try them out and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. I just wish I’d found them sooner.

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