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Cadence Hybrid Acrylics for Multi surfaces is a new generation water-based craft paint with an advanced formula for excellent adhesion on all surfaces.

Product features:

  • Can work on wood, metal, glass, terra cotta, ceramic, glass, paper, plastics, fabric with excellent coverage.
  • Indoor & outdoor formula is moisture & rust-resistant.
  • No need for primer or sealer.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Superior flow and levelling with a durable hard finish.
  • If applying on Leather and fabric, dilute the paint.


Range includes:

  • Hybrid Acrylics.
  • Hybrid Metallics.
  • Hi-Lite Magic Metallics.


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White (H001), Pure White (H002), Ancient White (H003), Antique White (H004), Taffy (H005), Old Lace (H006), Light Yellow (H007), Yellow (H009), Warm Orange (H010), Orange (H012), Amber (H013), Arrowroot (H014), Chocolate (H017), Dark Brown (H018), Light Brown (H019), Warm Oat (H021), Baby Pink (H024), Victoria Pink (H028), Powder Pink (H030), Light Lilac (H031), Iris (H033), Purple (H034), Baby Blue (H035), Royal Blue (H037), Ultramarine Blue (H038), Lagoon Blue (H039), Turquoise (H041), Light Green (H043), Pistachio Green (H046), Light Sage (H047), Fine Green (H048), Leaf Green (H051), Oxford Green (H052), Crimson Red (H053), Bordeaux (H055), Dark Slate Gray (H058), Mink (H059), Black (H060), Metallic Silver (HM804), Metallic Copper (HM805), Metallic Champaigne (HM803), Metallic Turquoise (HM812), Metallic Lilac (HM810), Metallic Walnut (HM811), Metallic Baby Blue (HM809), Metallic Baby Pink (HM808), Metallic Platinium (HM807), Metallic Pearl (HM802), Metallic Gold (HM800), Metallic Antique Gold (HM801), Metallic Bronze (HM806), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Gold (229), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Red (349), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Orange (339), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Blue (369), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Green (389), Hi-Lite Magic Metallic Violet (359)

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