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Choosing complementary oils, solvents, mediums, and varnishes for your oil painting is as unique as choosing a colour palette.

Depending on your style and technique, there is a wide range of traditional oils, mediums, and solvents to help you control your colour as well as varnishes to protect your work and provide a final finish. Used to modify the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow or add texture, mediums should be used in moderation as an additive to the colour. We recommend avoiding adding multiple mediums to oil colour.

Winsor Stand Oil is a pale viscous oil that slows drying while imparting a tough, smooth enamel finish with no brush marks. Increases film durability, it’s ideal for glazing & fine detail if mixed with a solvent.


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Winsor & Newton Drying Oils, used in conjunction with oil colour, will modify the colours existing consistency, gloss and drying time. Using oils maintains the flexibility of paint films, particularly when working fat over lean, and prevents over-thinning, which can happen when using solvents.

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