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The extra thick coloured Artist Pencil with a lead diameter 6.4 mm captivates by its soft, rich and slightly waxy stroke.

Highly pigmented. For opaque colouring of large surfaces. The ends of the pencil is colour matched to the pencil lead for easy referencing.

Techniques: Mixing colours, repainting, working in layers of colours, combining with other materials.

Available in sets of 12, 24 and 36


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Living Tradition & Innovation
CRETACOLOR, as the only Austrian manufacturer of arts supplies, is able to work with centuries of experience and tradition and stands for high quality products. The brand manages to win over beginners as well as professional artists from all over the world, by combining products in a great variety of different sized sets.

Creative Variety
CRETACOLOR has a wide assortment of products and supplies to work with a great variety of different techniques and to achieve creative diversity. All products contain extensive know-how and are especially known for its intense colours, a rich and soft upstroke as well as excellent lightfastness ratings. Through that, CRETACOLOR not only manages to stay ahead of competition but serves artists all over the world as a source of inspiration.

“A Passion For Pencils” – not just a slogan!


Megacolor Fine Art coloured Pencils, permanent

  • Highly pigmented, opaque
  • brilliant colours
  • soft and rich colour stroke
  • Extra thick lead diameter of 6.4 mm
  • For opaque colouring of large surfaces
  • slightly waxy stroke
  • For perfect results use the Cretacolor MEGA DUO sharpener

Techniques: Mixing colours, repainting, working in layers of colours, combining with other materials



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1 review for Mega Coloured Pencil Sets | 6.4mm Lead – Cretacolor

  1. 5.00 out of 5

    Yolande Steenkamp (verified owner)

    Awesome pencils. The cores are super soft and creamy – very much like Prismacolor Premier pencils. Excellent blending and layering ability and rich, opaque pigment. Tested the white on top of a thick layer of dark green Luminance pencil, and the Cretacolor Mega’s white was just as good at adding white highlights as the white Luminance pencil. Because they have such thick cores, they do not sharpen to the thinnest point, so not good for tiny details, but excellent for covering larger areas. If Brevellier Cretacolor were to make these in regular sized pencils, and upped the colour range to at least 72, but preferably 120 colours, Prismas would finally have real competition. Note that the cores in the Cretacolor Karmina pencil range by the same manufacturer are not the same as these – the Karmina’s cores are medium soft, less pigmented, and they are overall just poorer quality pencils than these Cretacolor Mega’s. The thick barrels of these Mega’s are comfortable in the hand – good for arthritic hands that cannot hold the thinner barrels of regular pencils for long periods of time.

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