Mega Graphite Pencils – Cretacolor


The distinctive oversized Graphite Pencil in an elegant grey look. Due to its extra-thick diameter, it is comfortable to hold. Pencils are pre-sharpened.

Hardness/softness grades cover the full range of applications. Softer grades produce broader and darker strokes. Harder grades produce more precise and lighter strokes. Creatacolor Mega Graphite Pencils are housed in a hard cedar wood casing, which guarantees utmost strength and easy sharpening.

Available in 5 grades:

  • HB
  • 2B
  • 4B
  • 6B
  • 9B

Size: Hexagonal barrel, diameter 10 mm Pencil, diameter 5,8 mm lead

Choose your product variations

ImagePencil HardnessPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Cretacolor-MegaGraphite-17000MEGA Graphite, HB (17000)R21.002 in Stock.
Cretacolor-MegaGraphite-17002MEGA Graphite, 2B (17002)R21.009 in Stock.
Cretacolor-MegaGraphite-17004MEGA Graphite, 4B (17004)R21.0014 in Stock.
Cretacolor-MegaGraphite-17006MEGA Graphite, 6B (17006)R21.008 in Stock.
Cretacolor-MegaGraphite-17009MEGA Graphite, 9B (17009)R21.004 in Stock.

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