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With an exceptionally strong jumbo (10mm diameter) body, the Cretacolor MegaGraphite Pencil makes a huge statement. It’s loaded with high-quality graphite formulated to be extra-smooth and easily blended. The traditional hard cedar wood casing can be sharpened to a clean, fine point, ideal for thin lines as well as covering large areas. The Chunky Graphite Stick is similar in its distinctive oversized body that produces a bold, extra-soft stroke.

Product features:

  • Available options: Mega Pencils & Chunky Stick.


MegaGraphite Pencils:

  • Varying grades of graphite housed in a hard cedar wood casing, which guarantees utmost strength and easy sharpening.
  • Distinctive oversized pencils have extra-thick diameters and hexagonal barrel, making them comfortable to hold.
  • Pencils are pre-sharpened.
  • Available in 5 grades:  HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 9B.
  • Size: 10 mm diameter pencil; 5,8 mm diameter lead.


Chunky Graphite Stick:

  • Ideal for large-scale drawings.
  • Produces a bold extra soft stroke.
  • Available in 1 grade: 8B.
  • Size: 80 mm lentgh, 18mm diameter.


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