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A well-sharpened pencil point is key for achieving fine lines and working on details and for that, you need a good sharpener. Perfect for artists on the go, Cretacolor Artists’ Sharpeners are hand-held, manual sharpeners that are easy to use and convenient when it comes to clean-up, making them an essential for your toolbox.

Available options:

  • Black Artist Sharpener.
  • Fine Art Sharpener in Transparent Holder.
  • Mega Duo Sharpener.
  • Monolith Sharpener.

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Although this sharpener could be suitable for pastel and chalk-based pencils, please bare in mind that pastel and chalk-based pencils do wear out the blades of sharpeners significantly faster than other pencils. Replace blades regularly for best results.

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Available Options:


Black Artist Sharpener:

  • Single hole sharpener.
  • Steel blade; black, plastic body.
  • Sharpens pencils with a diameter of up to 8mm.
  • Ideal for Cretacolor Artist Pencils.


Fine Art Sharpener in Transparent Holder:

  • Single blade sharpener is securely housed within a transparent plastic dome.
  • Clear view of the pencil point you are sharpening whilst also keeping the shavings contained.
  • Plastic housing is easy to remove, making the cleaning of the sharpener hassle-free.
  • Sharpens pencils with a diameter of up to 7mm.
  • Ideal for Cretacolor Artist Pencils.


Mega Duo Sharpener:

  • Double-hole sharpener housed in transparent, square plastic holder.
  • Can be used with the following brands: Cretacolor, Lyra, Faber-Castell, Caran D’Ache, Derwent and Bruynzeel pencils and eraser pencils.
  • Smaller hole sharpens standard graphite- and coloured pencils with a diameter up to 7mm.
  • Larger hole is suitable for jumbo pencils with a diameter of 10 mm (max) – especially for Mega coloured pencils.
  • Transparent lid shows when the container needs to be emptied.


Monolith Sharpener:

  • Small-holed, single sharpener with wooden body.
  • Sharpens pencils with a diameter of up to 7mm.
  • Specially intended for Monolith Graphite pencils.


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Black Artist Sharpener, Fine Art Sharpener, Mega Duo Sharpener, Monolith Sharpener


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