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Looking for a solution for all your solutions – this is it! This little 10ml bottle is ideal for mixing watercolours, alcohol ink, plain alcohol and any custom mixture of your favourite fluids. The needle tip is made of rust-proof metal and makes it easy to put a thin line of any fluid on your artwork. With translucent soft flexible plastic, it is easy to squeeze, even for a child. Because it has a small shape, it is easy to store, reusable and washable. The needle-tip plastic bottle can be filled with glue, glaze, paint, ink or other liquids.

Although more used in crafting, these little bottles are a must-have for any cake and cookie decorator, especially for sugar art. The extra-fine needle tip puts glue exactly where you want it with no excess.

Product features:

  • Plastic bottle with fine, needle tip.
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to use.
  • Fine tip perfect for applying precise amounts of paint, ink, glue and other liquids.
  • All the lids have a silicone attachment to cover the needle and keep the contents contained.
  • To fill the squeeze bottle, use thin liquids and glues to avoid it from clogging up.
  • Available size: 10ml.


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The needle-tip bottle can be filled with glue, glaze, paint, or other liquids, it is an indispensable tool for handmade projects. This smaller bottle is great for projects that require more precise lines or smaller amounts, also kid-friendly for little hands.

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