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Ecoline colours have a transparent base and are therefore easy to combine with other colours of the Ecoline range. Either brush pens or bottles, they work smoothly together.

The water-based dye ink can be easily diluted with water and colours can be blended even when dry by adding more water. The ink is ideal for creating bright vibrant watercolour washes, illustrations, fashion designs, lettering and much more. Ecoline ink is a liquid watercolour paint, it is a non-waterproof ink and is available in brilliant, transparent colours and can easily be mixed. The Ecoline inks are available in 58 brilliant colours and 2 opaque colours (white and gold).

The 30 ml Ecoline bottle is stable and so stands firmly on your work table. The spacious opening allows you to work straight from the bottle using a brush or dip pen. The 30 ml Ecoline bottle is fitted with a handy pipette for efficient dosing during mixing.

Whether for fine art, product design, illustrations, fashion design, calligraphy or children’s drawings, this brilliant liquid watercolour brings your creative visions to life. Dilute the vibrant colour with water for various transparent effects and rewet as needed to make changes or add to your composition. This watercolour works well on paper or board, and is highly versatile – apply with a traditional brush, airbrush or drawing/technical pens. The transparent colours of Ecoline give the best results when used on white or very light-coloured paper.


Ecoline is also available in primary ink set of 5, single brush pens and brush pen sets.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---WhiteWhite (100)30mlR119.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-YellowPastel Yellow (226)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Lemon-YellowLemon Yellow (Primary) (205)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Light-YellowLight Yellow (201)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---ChartreuseChartreuse (233)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Deep-YellowDeep Yellow (202)30mlR119.004 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Light-OrangeLight Orange (236)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Deep-OrangeDeep Orange (237)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-RedPastel Red (381)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---VermillionVermilion (311)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---ScarletScarlet (334)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---CarmineCarmine (318)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-RosePastel Rose (390)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Light-RoseLight Rose (361)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---MagentaMagenta (337)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---FuchsiaFuchsia (350)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Red-VioletRed Violet (545)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-VioletPastel Violet (579)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Blue-VioletBlue Violet (548)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Ultramarine-VioletUltramarine Violet (507)30mlR119.00Coming Soon!
Out of Stock
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-BluePastel Blue (580)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Sky-Blue-LightSky Blue Light (551)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Sky-Blue-CyanSky Blue (Cyan) (578)30mlR119.004 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Ultramarine-LightUltramarine Light (505)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Ultramarine-DeepUltramarine Deep (506)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Prussian-BluePrussian Blue (508)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---IndigoIndigo (533)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Turquoise-BlueTurquoise Blue (522)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Bluish-GreenBluish Green (640)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Fir-GreenFir Green (654)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Turquoise-GreenTurquoise Green (661)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pastel-GreenPastel Green (666)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Light-GreenLight Green (601)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---GreenGreen (600)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Spring-GreenSpring Green (665)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Grass-GreenGrass Green (676)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Bronze-GreenBronze Green (657)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Forest-GreenForest Green (656)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Deep-GreenDeep Green (602)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---BeigeBeige (420)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Pink-BeigePink Beige (374)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---ApricotApricot (258)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Sand-YellowSand Yellow (259)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Gold-OchreGold Ochre (231)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Yellow-OchreYellow Ochre (227)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Saffron-YellowSaffron Yellow (245)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Deep-OchreDeep Ochre (407)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Burnt-SiennaBurnt Sienna (411)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Reddish-BrownReddish Brown (422)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---MahoganyMahogany (441)30mlR119.003 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---SepiaSepia (416)30mlR119.001 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Sepia-DeepSepia Deep (440)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Warm-Grey-LightWarm Grey Light (728)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Cold-Grey-LightCold Grey Light (738)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---GreyGrey (704)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Cold-GreyCold Grey (717)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Warm-GreyWarm Grey (718)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---Deep-GreyDeep Grey (706)30mlR119.002 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---BlackBlack (700)30mlR119.005 in Stock.
Ecoline-Watercolour-Ink---GoldGold (801)30mlR119.002 in Stock.