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Draw, paint and blend like never before.

The Sofft range is a new generation of tools and applicators for artists and crafters, created by artists for artists.

Sofft Tools was specifically developed for use with PanPastels, but these handy, latex-free applicators can also be used with most water-based art and craft materials to create a variety of exciting new techniques, marks and effects. Finished effects are different compared to brushes as the brush stroke is eliminated.

Sofft products are versatile, inexpensive and can be reused several times because they are so easy to clean! “Clean” Sofft Tools between colors by wiping on a dry paper towel. Once used they will be stained from the pigments, however wiping on a paper towel will remove any pigment residue. Every now and then the sponges can be washed with a mild soap and warm water, squeeze and air dry fully.


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Each product in the Sofft range was developed and extensively tested and re-tested, resulting in a selection of unique professional artists’ quality tools.

Although the shape of each Sofft Tool has been designed for a specific purpose (ranging from achieving fine details and gestural marks to quickly blocking in large areas of colour, such as backgrounds), these tools are exceptionally versatile, and can be used for many different applications: from fine art, craft, and hobby applications, including applying gesso, smoothing polymer clay, painting, paper crafts, scrapbooking, stencilling and ceramics. The tools are perfect for difficult to reach places on craft projects.

These tools will not disappoint and will work with almost any medium.

Perfect for dry mediums like charcoals and pastels; as well as water-based media like acrylics, watercolours and inks.

Sofft Tools can be used with a variety of painting and drawing mediums:

  • PanPastel Colors
  • Soft Pastel Sticks
  • Charcoal
  • Watercolours
  • Acrylics
  • Inks
  • Waterbased Craft Paints
  • Ceramics

Micropore Sponge

The semi-absorbent material used in Sofft Art Sponges and Covers is specially formulated for art and craft applications, to hold and release the right amount of material. It is non-abrasive for smooth, uniform results.


Sofft Sponges and Covers can be reused several times (the number of times depends on the type of colour and surface being used).

Unique Shapes & Sizes

The shape of each Sofft Tool has been designed specifically for the needs of artists and crafters.

Many different effects can be achieved with each tool, for example, by using the sides and edges of the tools.

Easy to Clean

Simply wash with soap and warm water, squeeze and air dry.

More Control

Sofft Tools enable a more direct connection with the working surface, making it easier to control and predict the final marks achieved.

Easy to Use

Sofft Tools instantly feel intuitive and comfortable to use and are even easier to use than a brush!

Several Tools are available:

  • Sofft Covers
  • Sofft Knives
  • Art Sponges
  • Applicators

Sofft Covers

These innovative Covers are sized specifically for use with Sofft Knives. They transform Knives into absorbent tools, capable of carrying and uniquely releasing colour and material. Sofft Covers are made from our specially formulated micropore sponge which is semi-absorbent.

Sofft Knives

When used with Sofft Covers, the traditional painting knife is transformed into a multi-use and absorbent applicator for art and craft techniques. These inexpensive tools function like a cross between a brush and a knife.

Each knife has been ergonomically designed to fit in the hand for ease of use and good control. Sofft Knives are made from a flexible, and durable plastic material. The handles are shaped like wooden handle knives for maximum comfort. Sofft Knives can also be used without Sofft Covers as traditional painting knives. There are 4 knives available: — No. 1 Round, No. 2 Flat, No. 3 Oval, and No. 4 Point.

A separate Sofft Cover is also available specially designed to fit each of the 4 knives.

When using Sofft Covers with Sofft knives:

  • Simply match the reference number of the Cover to the Knife e.g use Cover No.1 with Knife No.1
  • Gently pull Sofft Cover completely over Knife tip (like a sock). Covers can be reused several times.

Note: Excessive stretching will tear the sponge.

Sofft Art Sponges

Sofft Art Sponges are made with our semi-absorbent micropore sponge material. Each sponge has a unique shape and size, designed specifically for artists and crafters.

Sofft Tools are ideal for use with PanPastel Colors.

  • Load Sofft Tool with colour by gently wiping over the surface of the colour pan using a circular motion.
  • Use gentle pressure – do not dig into the colour.
  • Apply colour to work surface – try varying pressure and the angle of the tool during application to change the effect
  • .Lay down the colour coverage, you desire – from thick to thin – opaque to semi-transparent.
  • The same Sofft Tool can be used with several colours – simply “clean” between colours by wiping sponge/applicator on a dry paper towel

Using With Wet Mediums

Sofft tools can be used to apply and manipulate acrylics, watercolours and craft paints.

Sofft Art Sponges are also great for sponging out watercolours and acrylics once applied.

To use: lift colour and apply to the surface. Re-charge with colour as necessary.

If the colour needs to be diluted, dip Sofft Tool in water (like a brush), before using colour.


Art Sponge, Covers & Applicator Heads

Wash gently with soap and warm water. Squeeze. Air dry fully.

Re-use several times – the number of times depends on the colour & surface used.


Wipe off with a towel or clean with warm water and soap after use.

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