Peggy Dean’s Guide to Nature Drawing & Watercolor


This fun and easy-to-use nature drawing and watercolor guide is perfect for anyone inspired by nature to draw, doodle, ink, and paint colorful flora and fauna.

Artist, author, and popular art instructor Peggy Dean presents this nature drawing guide that teaches you how to master drawing and watercolor techniques from sketching and shading to washes and blending. With Peggy’s easy and energetic lessons, absolutely anyone–regardless of ability–can learn to draw the natural world. Beginning with delicate cherry blossoms, wildflowers, and lacy ferns, lessons build to composing stunning bouquets of flowers and majestic landscapes. You’ll also discover how to draw animals such as colorful fish and birds in flight, as well as mammals like stoic camels and the mighty polar bear. Through the lessons on technique combined with clear, detailed instructions, you’ll gain the expertise and confidence that will allow you to quickly build your skills, discover your own personal style, and achieve beautiful botanical and animal illustrations.


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AUTHOR: Peggy Dean

FORMAT: Paperback

SIZE: 8.06″W  x 10.01″H x 0.7″D

PAGES: 224 pages

PUBLISHED: 7 May 2019

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