Student Acrylic Paints – Genuine Heritage


Heritage is a famous brand of student acrylic paints in South Africa, but don’t be fooled into thinking this paint is for students only, this quality acrylic paint is excellent for all crafters and acrylic artists.

With a wide range of colours, which includes metallic colours, there is no need to hold back when choosing a range of colours! Combining standard colours with a metallic can produce amazing results, especially when doing an acrylic pouring. Flexible and strong, the base is 100% pure Acrylic, it can be used indoors and outdoors on any clean and dry surface, from canvas to rocks!

  • Bottle size: 250ml
  • Superior coverage – Heritage Paint is loaded with high-quality imported pigments.
  • Non-yellowing – Heritage Acrylic Paint dries to a water-resistant, flexible sheen.
  • Water-based – This Acrylic Paint is easily washable from any paintbrush or tool with warm, soapy water.


Available in:

135 standard colours
7 metallic colours
1 glow in the dark


View Colour Chart 1

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View Colour Chart 3 (Metallics)

Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

Choose your product variations

ImageHeritage Acrylic ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Heritage-Student-Acrylic-Paint-250ml-Various-Colours(16342) Glow in the DarkR325.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Primrose-122Primrose (122)R69.006 in Stock.
Iris-Heavy-Body-Acrylic-Paints-–-Prime-Art--LilacLilac (100)R69.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Purple-Navy-111Purple Navy (111)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Blue-Sky-44Sky Blue (44)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Deep-Orange-133Deep Orange (133)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Soft-Violet-123Soft Violet (123)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-True-Blue-124True Blue (124)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Grey-Basecoat-155Grey Basecoat (155)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Indigo-125Indigo (125)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Bright-Yellow-127Bright Yellow (127)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Star-Yellow-128Star Yellow (128)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Chamois-129Chamois (129)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Beach-Sand-130Beach Sand (130)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Yellow-Ochre-131Yellow Ochre (131)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Russet-132Russet (132)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Cherry-134Cherry (134)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Carmine-135Carmine (135)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Baby-Pink-136Baby Pink (136)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Flamingo-137Flamingo (137)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Teal-138Teal (138)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Baby-Green-139Baby Green (139)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Light-Blue-140Light Blue (140)R69.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Clear-Blue-141Clear Blue (141)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Blue-142Blue (142)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Burnt-Umber-143Burnt Umber (143)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Chocolate-144Chocolate (144)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Merlot-145Merlot (145)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Fuschia-146Fuschia (146)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Blondie-147Blondie (147)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Maxed-Out-148Maxed Out (148)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Ox-Blood-149Ox Blood (149)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Warm-White-150Warm White (150)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Cool-White-151Cool White (151)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Basecoat-red-Earth-156Basecoat Red Earth (156)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-White-Basecoat-157White Basecoat (157)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Bronze-m02Metallic Bronze (M02)R185.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Sterling-Silver-m05Sterling Silver (M05)R185.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Pearl-White-m06Pearl White (M06)R185.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Pure-Gold-m09Pure Gold (M09)R185.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Shimmering-Rose-m10Shimmering Rose (M10)R185.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Copper-m20Copper (M20)R185.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dark-Gold-m21Dark Gold (M21)R185.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dark-Silver-m23Dark Silver (M23)R185.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Oatmeal-64Oatmeal (64)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Mushroom-65Mushroom (65)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dove-Grey-66Dove Grey (66)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Honey-Suckle-67Honey Suckle (67)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Mod-Blue-68Mod Blue (68)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Purple-69Purple (69)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Gul-Grey-70Gull Grey (70)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Gault-Grey-71Gault Grey (71)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dark-Forest-73Dark Forest (73)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Morocco-Brown-74Morocco Brown (74)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-True-Yellow-75True yellow (75)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Wave-Green-76Wave Green (76)R69.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-True-Green-77True Green (77)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Midnight-Blue-78Midnight Blue (78)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Scarlet-79Scarlet (79)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Medici-Red-80Medici Red (80)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Spectrum-Orange-82Spectrum Orange (82)R69.005 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Rave-Yellow-84Rave Yellow (84)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Terracotta-85Terracotta (85)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Walnut-Brown-86Walnut Brown (86)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Suede-87Suede (87)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Sienna-88Sienna (88)R69.005 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Powder-Pink-89Powder Pink (89)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Mid-Blue-91Mid Blue (91)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Umber-92Umber (92)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Deep-Space-93Deep Space (93)R69.007 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Charcoal-94Charcoal (94)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Grey-95Grey (95)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Ice-Cream-96Ice Cream (96)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-White-Flake-97White Flake (97)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Polar-Ice-98Polar Ice (98)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Lily-White-99Lily White (99)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Grass-Green-102Grass Green (102)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Plum-104Plum (104)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Heliotrope-105Heliotrope (105)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Nasturtium-106Nasturtium (106)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Lavender-107Lavender (107)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Tartan-Green-108Tartan Green (108)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dark-Blue-109Dark Blue (109)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Tomato-Red-110Tomato Red (110)R69.008 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Chilli-112Chilli (112)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-French-Navy-113French Navy (113)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-True-Red-114True Red (114)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Neyron-Rose-115Neyron Rose (115)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dawn-Pink-117Dawn Pink (117)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Coral-118Coral (118)R69.008 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Venetian-Pink-119Venetian Pink (119)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Shell-Pink-120Shell Pink (120)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Battleship-Grey-121Battleship Grey (121)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Rayner-Green-53Rayner Green (53)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-White-01White (01)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Ivory-02Ivory (02)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Leaf-Green-05Leaf Green (05)R69.006 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Forest-Green-06Forest Green (06)R69.006 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Olive-Green-07Olive Green (07)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Golden-08Golden (08)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Deep-Red-09Deep Red (09)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Berry-Red-10Berry Red (10)R69.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Red-11Red (11)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Golden-Brown-12Golden Brown (12)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Ochre-13Ochre (13)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Bright-Blue-14Bright Blue (14)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Mars-Red-15Mars Red (15)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dark-Brown-16Dark Brown (16)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Mountain-Green-17Mountain Green (17)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Violet-19Violet (19)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Black-20Black (20)R69.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Baltic-Blue-21Baltic Blue (21)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Orange-22Orange (22)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Deep-Blue-23Deep Blue (23)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Flesh-24Flesh (24)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Dusty-Rose-25Dusty Rose (25)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Quilt-Blue-Paint-27Quilt Blue (27)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Broken-WhiteBroken White (29)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Touch-o-Green-31Touch O Green (31)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Bottle-Green-30Bottle Green (30)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Touch-o-Blue-32Touch O Blue (32)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Lime-Green-33Lime Green (33)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Bone-White-34Bone White (34)R69.005 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Touch-o-lilac-35Touch O Lilac (35)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Lavender-Blue-36Lavender Blue (36)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Storm-Grey-37Storm Grey (37)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Lemon-Yellow-38Lemon Yellow (38)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Wave-Blue-39Wave Blue (39)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Vine-Green-40Vine Green (40)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Rich-Cream-41Rich Cream (41)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Touch-o-Pink-42Touch O Pink (42)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Cloud-Grey-43Cloud Grey (43)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Carnation-Pink-45Carnation Pink (45)R69.002 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Naartjie-46Naartjie (46)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Turquoise-Green-47Turquoise Green (47)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Ripe-Plum-48Ripe Plum (48)R69.001 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Navy-Blue 49Navy Blue (49)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Turquoise-Blue-50Turquoise Blue (50)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Royal-Burgandy-51Royal Burgandy (51)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Royal-Violet-52Royal Violet (52)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Orchid-White-59Orchid White (59)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Daffodil-60Daffodil (60)R69.003 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Beryl-Blue-61Beryl Blue (61)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-NAmib-Sand-62Namib Sand (62)R69.004 in Stock.
Heritage-Acrylic-Paint-Parchment-63Parchment (63)R69.004 in Stock.

Transform Your Acrylic Paintings with Two Techniques (Ideal for Beginners)

Heritage Acrylic Colours

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