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Cranfield offers a range of easy-to-use additives that are compatible with Cranfield Traditional or Caligo Safe Wash oil-based printmaking inks. These multi purpose modifiers can dilute, thin, and/or quicken the drying time of your inks to aid in the printmaking process.

Cranfield Wiping Compound & Tack Reducer will reduce the tack and maintain the body of your ink. It will help etching inks wipe more easily and improve the transfer of ink on smooth solid areas of colour, even when printing without a press and on difficult paper. It contains some mineral oil and therefore add a maximum of 3% (by volume). It is suitable for all oil-based etching inks. Available in a 150ml tube.

Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash Oil is a specialist washable oil that you can add to your Safe Wash Inks when you need to thin and dilute your ink – reducing viscosity, and increasing flow and transparency. This oil modifier is made with the same linseed oil medium we use to make the safe wash inks. It is therefore an ‘oily’ rather than ‘inky’ modifier. If you need to increase transparency but maintain the body of you ink use Caligo Safe Wash Extender. Available in a 250ml bottle.

Cranfield Printmakers’ Wax Drier has been formulated with a similar viscosity to most oil-based printmaking inks, the paste can be mixed with ease into an ink on the slab with a pallet knife. The blend of driers (calcium and manganese salts) is chosen and balanced to encourage both surface drying of the printed ink film while allowing slow internal drying over the longer term as the ink thoroughly cures. You may wish to experiment to find the appropriate amount to suit paper, ink film weight and conditions with a recommended addition of 3 to 4%. Cranfield Wax Driers also contain a wax compound making the finished print more resistant to rubbing and marking over the longer term. Available in a 150ml tube.


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