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Rhodia Notepads & Books deliver many things: quality and irreproachable finishes with real paper expertise. A combination of inventiveness and innovations with the Pads’ water-resistant, fold-over covers, “Sangrif” technology and micro-perforated tear-off sheets. A desire for new design whilst reliably orange & black. Dynamic, yet elegant. It is these components that create the very essence of the Rhodia paper product, a traditional yet contemporary object since 1934.

The Rhodia Touch Collection offer these components in their Canvas-backed Pads and Italian Leather Bound Books.

Product features:

  • Rhodia touch logo embossed on the front cover.
  • Ribbon bookmark.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Ruling: blank paper.

Available options:

  • Pen and Inkwash Hardcover Book.
  • Bristol Softcover Book .
  • Marker Pad.
  • Calligrapher Pad.


Also part of this timeless collection, is the Rhodia Touch Sleeve Roll – a beautiful soft-touch pencil holder that you can just roll up and take on the go!


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Vegan-friendly product.

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Available Options:


Available options:

The Rhodia Touch Pen and Inkwash Book consists of a very light-grained drawing paper. Because of its composition and surface, it offers very good results for monochrome. For colour wash, it lends itself well to various intensities. It is very well suited for line drawing in pencil, felt pen, charcoal, ink, gouache, graph pen and India ink, and is also good for nib work. It is especially recommended for graphic art and industrial drawings. Corrections can be made by scratching.

Product features:

  • White pen & ink wash paper.
  • Paper weight: 205gsm.
  • Italian leatherette hardcover, elastic closure.
  • 32 Non-microperforated sheets per book.
  • Available size: A5 (21 x 14,8cm).


The ultra-fine, all-cellulose, satin-finish Bristol paper of the Rhodia Touch Bristol Softcover Book is extra smooth and extra white. It is perfect for precision drawing and techniques using pencil, pen, needlepoint pen, nib, etc. It can also withstand multiple layers of ink and will also withstand repeated scratching and erasing without pilling.

Product features:

  • Extra smooth white Bristol paper.
  • Acid-free and PH-neutral paper.
  • Paper weight: 205gsm.
  • Softback book.
  • Italian leatherette softcover, elastic closure.
  • 32 Non-microperforated sheets.
  • Available size: A4 (29,7 x 21cm).


The Rhodia Touch Marker Pad has extra white, super smooth paper that is especially well suited to alcohol markers. It is highly bleed-proof and therefore lends itself perfectly to colour blends and gradation. It is perfect for pencil and India ink, as well as inking (pen, liner, nib) and colouring (alcohol markers and other felt tips). Despite its weight, the paper is still transparent, which is a useful additional feature.

Product features:

  • Extra smooth white layout paper.
  • Paper is acid-free and PH-neutral.
  • Highly bleed-proof.
  • Paper weight: 66.6gsm.
  • Glued at the top, canvas-backed pad.
  • Maya Black 186gsm card cover.
  • 50 detachable microperforated sheets.
  • Available size: A4 (29,7 x 21cm).


The Rhodia Touch Calligrapher Pad contains Simili Japan – a smooth, lustrous ivory paper made from pure alpha-cellulose. It is manufactured with long fibres which make it highly resistant and perfect for India ink drawings. It is transparent and therefore also lends itself well to calligraphy using a scaled grid.

Product features:

  • Natural Simili Japan paper.
  • Paper weight: 88.8gsm.
  • Glued at the top, canvas-backed pad.
  • Maya Black 186gsm card cover.
  • 50 detachable microperforated sheets.
  • Available size: A4 (29,7 x 21cm).


The Rhodia Touch Sleeve Roll is a beautiful soft-touch pencil holder perfect taking on the go.

Product features:

  • Italian leatherette roll, embossed with Rhodia Touch logo.
  • Compartmentalized tool pocket with protection flap.
  • Leatherette strap closure.
  • Includes a removable flat case with velcros fasteners.
  • Dimentions: 23 x 32 cm (open size); 22 x 7,5 cm (removable flat case).

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Pen & Inkwash Hardcover Book, Bristol Softcover Book, Sleeve Roll, Marker Pad, Calligrapher Pad


23 x 32cm, A5 (21 x 14.8cm), A4 (29.7 x 21cm)


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