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Sally’s Graphite paper is wax-free, greaseless and has a lighter coating than regular transfer paper. The Graphite-coated paper is used like carbon paper to transfer or trace a design onto another surface. This paper is clean to work with and pencil marks can be erased. Ideal for watercolour artists and graphic designers requiring a faint line to work with.

Product features:

  • Wax-free, graphite transfer paper.
  • Lighter-weight coating of graphite.
  • Erasable.
  • Available in a roll of 12 x sheets.
  • Sheet size: 45 x 60cm.


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This product, made by Saral and named after the company’s founder, was created with artists and designers in mind. With a lighter-weight coating of graphite than Saral’s regular transfer paper, it is ideal for watercolour artists and graphic designers who want a fainter line to work from.


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