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Make an impact with your art projects or crafts with Sakura’s Silver Shadow Marker Touch Pens. These alcohol-based markers leave bold metallic silver lines on must surfaces – wood, metal, glass, plastic, leather, porcelain and rubber – with colour outlines on the more porous surfaces. Whether these quick drying, opaque markers are permanent or not depends on the surface & conditions (washing, scrubbing, chemicals, heat, cold, etc.), applied to the mark after the fact. We suggest that you test first to make sure that the marker will work for your specific use and conditions.

Product features:

  • Outlined effect marker.
  • Waterproof & odourless.
  • Light up the darkness – ideal for marking on greeting cards and craft objects.
  • Alcohol-based permanent ink.
  • A line width of 1.0mm only.
  • On porous surfaces (eg. paper, wood, etc.) you get a bold metallic silver line with a colour outline.
  • On non-porous surfaces (eg. coated paper, plastics, etc.) you get a bold metallic silver line only.
  • Available in 3 colour combinations: Silver / Pink; Silver / Purple; Silver / Blue.


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Prime before use:

  • First, shake the marker with your finger on top of the closed cap and point the nib upwards, the gravity will pull down the ink from the narrow end of the nib and the shaking will help mix the paint evenly throughout the barrel.
  • The paint is sufficiently mixed when you hear the clicking sound of the metal agitation ball inside the barrel.
  • Next, remove the cap with the tip pointed up and used the top of the cap to press down on the nib to release the internal pressure. If you press down on the nib with the tip pointed in the downward direction, the pressure built up at the end of the barrel will force the liquid ink out from the front, thus causing the flood of the ink all at once.
  • Lastly, after releasing the internal pressure, depress the nib downward to write. Sometimes the ink may take up to a minute to flow out, so make sure you do not over-pump the marker.
  • We always recommend testing the ink before applying to your projects as many surfaces contain special coatings to resist the paint from adhering to the surface.
  • To store the markers, cap them tightly to prevent air from drying out the nib and the paint in the barrel and store them horizontally in ambient room temperature.
  • Placing them vertically for an extended length of time will cause the solids and the mixing ball to settle in the narrow end of the barrel, which makes it more difficult to mix at a later time

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