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A bestseller worldwide, refillable, ergonomic, ultra-blendable and made with the highest grade of expertly formulated alcohol and dye-based inks, the Copic Sketch marker is a popular working tool in many fields of design, illustration and fine art. The Super Brush is ideal for shading and blending while the Medium Broad allows for large coverage and various marks. This marker is particularly suitable for colouring or drawings, photocopies and laser prints due to the quick-drying alcohol ink.

Product features:

  • Alcohol dye ink.
  • Coloured capping system provides for instant colour selection.
  • Exclusive optional Fine nib which allows you to gain a different mark than the standard Super Brush.
  • Dual-tipped (fine nib & medium broad) with interchangeable nibs. View how to replace the nibs.
  • Compatible with the Copic Airbrush Set.
  • Oval body profile and safety cap.
  • Ink can be replenished with Copic Refill Inks.
  • Available in assorted sets and sets of 7, 12, 24, 36 & 72.

Available options:

  • Sets of 6+1 (Vibrant Tones Trial- & Airy Tones Trial Sets).
  • Sets of 12 (Basic-, Cool Grey- & Warm Grey Sets).
  • Set of 24 (Manga Illustration).
  • Set 36 (Basic Set).
  • Sets of  72 (A, C, D & E Sets).

View more information about each set.


If closed properly when stored, Copic markers will not dry out. Copic Refill Inks are available in 358 colours and can fill a marker several times. The ideal colouring marker for professionals and hobbyists!


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View Colour Chart.

Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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View Copic Sketch Marker Sets Colour Chart.

Vibrant Tones Trial Set:

A set of brightly coloured shades, ideal for practising blending and expanding the range of expression through colour layering. This set is ideal for exploring natural graduations and blending techniques. Include 7 Copic Sketch Markers.

Colours included in this set: Begonia (RV63); Prawn (R24); Lightning Yellow (Y18); Anise (YG21); Meadow Green (G03); Jasper (BG57); Neutral Grey No. 8 (N8).


Sets of 12:

Colour Cool Grey Set:

A wide selection of Cool Gray shades with a hint of blue for a cold and crisp effect – recommended for depicting a metal effect.

Basic Set:

A starter set including essential basic shades and vibrant primary colours. For portrait and comic illustration we recommend adding a few portrait colour tones.

Warm Grey Set:

A wide selection of Warm Gray shades with a hint of brown for a natural and warm result.


(Please take note on the colour chart that the Copic Sets of 12 Ex 1 to 6, are currently not stocked).


Manga Illustration Set of 24:

The Basic 24 colour set is a combination of Basic 12 Colour Set A and B. The ideal starter set for comic illustrations combines vibrant colours with matching blending shades and a selection of portrait colour tones. The included pale colours, a unique feature of Copic, will allow for gradation and blending techniques with professional results.


Basic Set of 36:

The Basic 36 marker set is a combination of Basic 12 Colour Set A, B and C. This set includes basic colours commonly used in the field of design. If you want to colour the portrait or characters of manga, you will need to get some skin tone colours additionally.


Sets of  72:

Set A:

These colours have broad utility – most of all, this set is ideal for use in illustration. If you want to colour the portrait or characters of manga,

(Please take note on the marker sets’ colour chart that the Copic Set 72 B is currently not stocked).

Set C:

This set contains a rich selection of grays. There are some earth colours, but you will need to get some skin tone colours additionally for a the colouring of portraits.

Set D:

This set includes a variety of natural/muddy colours commonly used in illustration. Using light colours from the 000 blending group will extend your range of expression.

Set E:

This set contains a broad range of 000 light colours, wine colours and natural colours. This selection is highly recommended for crafters too.


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Sketch 72 Set A, Sketch 72 Set C, Sketch 72 Set D, Sketch 72 Set E, Sketch 36 Set, Sketch 24 Set Manga, Sketch 12 Set Basic, Sketch 12 Set Cool Greys, Sketch 12 Set Warm Greys, Sketch 7 Set Vibrant Tones, Sketch 7 Set Airy Tones


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Set of 7, Set of 12, Set of 24, Set of 36, Set of 72


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