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The Daler Rowney Staywet Palette has been designed to keep acrylic colours wet and workable for a long period. It consists of a lidded tray into which a membrane system is placed and moistened. Acrylics can then be used on the top layer as a normal palette. Closing the lid ensures the system remains moist for days, and water may be added to extend the storage period further.

Product features:

  • Rectangular shape mixing palette.
  • Transparent removable lid.
  • Contains 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper.
  • Available in 2 sizes: Large (50.8 x 27.9cm / 20 x 11 inch) and Small (25.4 x 27.9cm / 10 x 11 inch).

The refill packs contain 3 sheets of absorbent reservoir paper and 12 sheets of membrane paper and are also available in Large (25.4 x 35.6cm / 10 x 14 inch ) and Small (25.4 x 20.3cm / 10 x 8 inch).


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The Daler-Rowney Stay-Wet Palette is a simple but effective idea: it keeps your acrylic paints moist and useable for weeks, reducing waste.


  • Simply soak the sheet of reservoir paper at the bottom of the palette with clean water and dampen the greaseproof paper above it.
  • Then get painting, using the greaseproof sheet just as you would any other palette.
  • When you’re finished for the day, close the clear lid, and the paint is kept moist by a simple process of osmosis that draws water up from the reservoir as it’s needed.

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