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Help your creativity take shape with DAS Steel Spatulas. This 2-piece set of steel spatula tools is perfect for cutting, engraving and transforming various types of modelling clays – oven-baked, air-dried, even kiln-baked clay! These two spatulas are equipped with strong, break-resistant blades that allow you to work on sculptures and pottery without fear of your tools breaking, and their smooth, comfortable grip make them easy to use for hours of crafting.

Rinse with water after every use to ensure the best experience every time.

Product features:

  • Suitable for work with various types of modelling clay. 
  • Break-resistant blades.
  • Comfortable wooden handle and grip.
  • Easy to clean – rinse with water after every use.
  • Set includes 2 Steel Spatulas measuring 20cm & 16cm in length.
  • Use the larger spatula for carving away larger areas and the smaller one for fine details.


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