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All types of modelling are possible with the Cernit Tool kit. This complete kit will supply you with all the necessary tools to slice, smooth, structure, streak, cut and sculpt your creations. These tools perform various functions for precision modelling: you can refine, dig, cut, streak, texture, smooth pearls or sculptures, chisel your creations according to your desires! After use, rinse your tools with water and wipe well to remove small pieces of clay. The Cernit Tool kit holds 8 double-ended tools, which means they fulfil a total of 16 functions! The tools are made of super-hard, extra resistant plastic. The 8 reversible plastic instruments set themselves apart by their quality! The plastic Cernit tools allow a good grip of the clay but do not stick to it, which gives a very clear and smooth result, just as you wish it. A must-have for the beginner’s kit!

  • These are high-quality tools.
  • The grip of the clay is perfect without sticking.
  • For precise modelling work.
  • They are designed to be as ergonomic as possible.
  • Perfect for polymer clay, the tools can also be used for various sculpting work with materials such as air drying clays.

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