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Essential to start your modelling hobby. Cernit blades are very thin and sharp. They cut precisely no matter the techniques you want to achieve (Millefiori, Kaleidoscope, Mokume Gane, Mica shift …). A protective rubber is supplied with all the sets for the user’s ease and most of all, to prevent small cuts. The blades, like the rolls, are basic accessories for anyone who wants to start with polymer clay. Cernit stainless steel blades are very thin and sharp. They will cut your Cernit polymer clay with precision. To get clean parts and to detail the canes cleanly, you will be delighted with these blades.

As they are very sharp, their use is simple and quick. Edges are perfectly shaped. For the same reason, they should be used with care and/or under the watch of an adult for the youngest users.
Depending on the technique, you will prefer to use rigid or flexible blades. For cutting a cane into slices, use a rigid blade. However, to cut the excess clay out of a silicone mould or a texture plate for the Sutton Slice technique, a flexible blade should be used. This way, you can adjust the angle of the blade not to damage the mould. The blades are also perfectly suitable for other techniques such as Millefiori, Kaleidoscope, Mokume Gane, etc. The rippled blade is used for various techniques, to create lace effects or croquet ribbon.

  • The blades are very sharp and thus your cutting work is perfectly defined.
  • Flexible, rigid or rippled blades are available.
  • This tool is one of the basics to start working with polymer clay.

Different slicer sets are available:

  • CE903: 3 blades – one flexible, one rigid, one rippled.
  • CE908: 2 rigid blades.
  • CE909: 2 flexible blades.


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Slicers Sets

2 Flexible Blades, 2 Rigid Blades, 3 Assorted Blades


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