Texture Medium – Watercolour Medium – Winsor & Newton


Texture Medium Contains fine particles that add fine texture and can be used to give the impression of depth and structure to water colour paintings.

Ideal for emphasising areas that could be textured, such as tree bark or sand.


  • Apply directly to paper or mix with water colour.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Bottle Size: 75ml

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Texture Medium is used to add fine texture to paintings, creating the impression of depth and structure.

It can be applied directly onto the paper or mixed with water colours first. Layers of colour can be applied multiple times to give dimension to figurative paintings.

Texture Medium is re-soluble but like all water colour washes, some colour will remain on the paper.

Experimenting with a Terrific Trio: W&N Masking Fluid, Texture Medium and Granulation Medium


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