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Endless craft possibilities with white or grey transfer paper! This easy-to-use transfer paper is perfect for all crafters, whether it be beginners or advanced. This special paper is used for transferring artwork or patterns on surfaces like wood, canvas, paper, ceramics and more. Stitch, paint, draw, and more with your choice of design.

Product features:

  • One sheet can be used multiple times, and fine details will transfer perfectly every time.
  • Layer the white transfer paper – glossy side up – between the printed design and your desired surface and begin tracing the image or pattern.
  • Each pack contains 3 sheets and an instruction leaflet.
  • The size of each sheet is 22.8 x 33cm.
  • Available in White and Graphite.


View instructions on how to use transfer paper.

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Step 1: Place transfer paper graphite side down directly on the project surface. Place artwork or pattern on top of the transfer paper.

Step 2: Trace over artwork or pattern with stylus, pen or pencil.

Step 3: Remove unwanted lines with an eraser.

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