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Saral Transfer Paper allows you to transfer your design from a sketch, pattern, template or freehand to any surface! This special paper is wax-free so it gives the advantage of erasing like a pencil with no smears or smudges. It makes clean, crisp tracings that can be erased, inked or painted over with no skipping or bleeding. The transfer lines can be sponged, washed out or brushed off of fabric, and a hot iron will not set them as will other tracing or transfer papers made for fabrics.

Saral Transfer Paper is thus great for tole painting, fabric painting, fine arts and watercolour painting, quilting, dressmaking, commercial and graphic arts, architecture, woodworking, ceramics, stained glass, metalworking and it’s acid-free for scrapbooking.

Product features:

  • Graphite-coloured transfer paper.
  • Wax-free & acid free.
  • Reusable.
  • Available in rolls that can be cut to size*.
  • Roll size: 366 cm x 30.5 cm (12 feet x 12 inches).
  • Available in Red, Blue, Yellow & White.
  • Also available in a sampler*.

View more information on the uses of each colour.


*Sampler contains 5 colours (Graphite, White, Blue, Yellow & Red) of Saral Wax Free Transfer Paper in a brochure that explains ways to use and how to use Saral Transfer Paper. Sampler size: 20 x 28cm (8 x 11 inches).


View Sally’s Artists’ Graphite Transfer Paper.


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The first commercially produced transfer paper, Saral paper was developed in the 1950s by Sara “Sally” Albertis, an artist who was tired of making her own. Available in five colours (graphite, red, blue, white, and yellow).

Uses of Saral Colours:

  • Graphite: The all-purpose tracing medium. Excellent for illustration board and all drawing papers, wood, fabrics, canvas and metal. (* Please note: Only available in the sampler).
  • Red: Excellent for ceramics and china painting. The lines will fire out. Shows up equally well on light or dark surfaces and mixtures of the two, such as photographs and photostats. May be used on acetate overlays, plastics and enamel.
  • Blue: Non-photographic. It’s not necessary to clean off Saral blue when work goes before the plate-making camera. Ideal for key lines, mechanicals, paste-ups. For Tole Painters, it leaves a bright, easy to see transfer line.
  • Yellow and White: For tracings on dark surfaces. Excellent on dark fabrics, dark wood, metal, as well as dark painting surfaces. Tole painters find white especially useful. Yellow is best for work on clear or stained glass.


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