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ArtGraf Graphite mediums can be used dry or wet and allow artists to achieve a range of washes ranging from the deepest blacks to the more subtle transparent grays.  Available in a range of mediums.


ArtGraf Water Soluble Graphite Powder 250g is an extremely versatile water soluble graphite powder which gives the artist an opportunity to explore new techniques with one of the oldest and most conventional raw materials used in fine arts.  Naturally able to make the traditional graphite shade, it has the advantage of being able to be mixed with water before or after application allowing rigorous control of all the shades of grey.  With the soluble and fixing properties incorporated into the formula the user can achieve transparent washes to a full opaque effect by controlling the proportion of water used.  It can also be mixed with other water based media to create unique colours and new shades and textures.

Available in a 250g bag.


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