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The Caran D’Ache Full blender is an essential tool in any artist’s studio. A colourless medium for mixing, blending and intensifying colours: the wax-oil combination adds brilliance and gloss without altering the shades. It forms a waterproof coating and increases protection against UV. It can be sharpened like a pencil for detailed work or can be applied flat to cover a large area. It enables the use of mixed techniques and can be used on paper, cardboard, wood, stone or ceramics. The ideal complement to Caran d’Ache colour pencils, graphites and wax pastels. Its quality is intended for creative professionals, as well as art students and amateur artists.

The Caran D’Ache blender serves many purposes:

  • Intensifying colours: The most obvious immediate effect is a striking improvement in the colour intensity of your artwork.
  • UV Protection: Improves the lightfastness of your artwork.
  • Waterproofing: Make some parts water-resistant. On applying the blender, the underlying area becomes waterproof. Great for watercolour techniques, locking selected areas of water-soluble art to avoid disturbance during later work, and for overall protection on completion.
  • Blending: superimpose colours, or apply them side by side, then merge with the blender.
  • Gloss effect: blended areas may be lightly polished for gloss effects.


The Caran D’Ache Pencil Blender is the ideal tool to blend coloured pencil work. They contain the same wax and binder, but no colour pigment is added.  This results in a multi-faceted tool that allows artists to obtain several effects, like blending colour seamlessly, softening edges and creating unique colour blends.



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